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Posted on January 25, 2023


North Dublin artist AKSENT discusses jumping head first into the process of direction and production with latest single 'SLAVES' and its accompanying home-brewed video.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Watch the full Youtube video at the bottom of the page and buy/ stream here: aksentire.bandcamp.com/track/slaves

A labour of love that has finally received deliverance after months of tight budgets, favours from friends, and an all out dedication to the craft, AKSENT has delivered a racing trance fused techno track and a striking, beautifully shot video that mirrors the energy of the sound seamlessly.

The track initially came to fruition around 9 months ago describing a period of frustration with 'people making false promises and at myself for not taking action on some of my ideas' says AKSENT.

After sharing the track with close friend Dan Whelan, together the pair were inspired by the track's energy and activating force to create a coinciding music video. That same night after hours of bouncing ideas, characters, and scenes off each other, came a 'story of a young man who had become part of a group of sloppy gangsters that was slowly making him a slave to the gang, driving him to aspire to go his separate way taking a new path to London'.

aksent cover pic

(Pictured: AKSENT in director mode)

The script that Whelan and AKSENT came up with was composed of three main characters, and was initially a cause of concern regarding casting due to budget restrictions. One of the key character ideas was for a deranged gang member which the artist feared he would have to try and portray himself.

The role was then gratefully taken up by close friend Cian Fitzsimons (Known for his role as Jamie in 'KIN') who was seriously enthused by the character idea and had a strong vision of where to take it. Inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker in the Dark Knight, Fitzsimons aligned the character's mannerisms here, describing the Joker's 'acceptance of his own insanity' as a similar footing to base his character around.

Man in mask with hammer

(Pictured: Cian Fitzsimons on set)

From here, it was more friend-fuelled gestures that allowed the other pieces of the puzzle to fall into place for the shot, with good friend Ivin allowing the robbery scene to be shot in his father's store in Finglas, North Dublin, as well as Dilla (Dillon McMahon) offering himself up for the role of the driver in the video after a head scratching period in which filling the casting hole looked stuck.

This was a first dive into the world of directing and script writing for AKSENT and it is all the makings of dedication, sacrifice, and creative impulse.

"We managed to film an entire music video with no record label, no investors, everyone who was involved in the project did it straight out of love and hard work. It was a mixture of hard work and pure luck to put this project together. I've never been more proud to release something in my life'.

3 men in a car

(Pictured L-R: 'Dilla' Dillon McMahon, Cian Fitzsimons, & Dan Whelan on set)

After a string of self-releases on his own 'STUCK IN LIMBO' imprint over the last number of years, 2023 looks to be AKSENT's most exciting year yet off the back of his early hit 'SLAVES'. A passion project that has come into its own and is now closing in on 4k streams on SoundCloud, 'SLAVES' is a joyful trance, techno stepper that pulsates throughout alongside its enticing distorted deep vocals. Consider it club-ready!

Discover his extended discography here: aksentire.bandcamp.com/

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