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Posted on april 12, 2024


Is there another party that has cracked Irish grooves like Ar Ais Arís (AAA) since its inception back in 2022?

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Perhaps an elite few, but tackling the terrain of the Irish west and cementing a lore and mystique around a party primarily shaped around bass music is hardly the easiest conquest. The vision and determination of a certain Galway collective likes to think otherwise though.

Now as a staple party on Ireland’s fervent club circuit, AAA brings forth a home to house the sounds and imagery of the artists that have made the parties what they are, accrediting everyone from the DJs to the designers, and the dancers. AAA Volume 1 invites a flurry of acts who have graced the stage at some of the imprint’s very first editions at the Galway iconic Club Áras na nGael in Doubt, Luke Kiid, Plus One, Roo Honeychild and SLOUCHO.

Thriving off an ethos central to countering the meagre culture around certain walks of Irish nightlife with an imaginative DIY branding, high-end production value, and operating legitimate safe spaces, Ar Ais Arís has encapsulated and put faith in all that is good about West coast clubbing in the past year and a half.

ar ais aris logo

Big sounds, small spaces. That’s a formality at any given AAA affair. Now 13 parties deep, AAA can reflect on a run of some of the most valued nights in operation anywhere in the country, and perhaps beyond. Having brought the likes of Breaka, Sully, and Ema to the city of the Tribes, and with a proven record of supporting some of our brightest up and comers be it as headliners or on the undercards, there is a sense of continued momentum being ensured for the crew and punters alike.

If you haven’t had the luxury of being to an AAA party before, then this mini-comp is maybe as close as you’ll get to experiencing the energies that have been generated within those sacred walls of Áras na nGael, as well as more recently at the Commercial Boat Club.

Corkonian and one of Ireland’s key entrants into the hard-drum debacle of the past 5-or-so years, Doubt offers up his growingly signature percussive flair into the mix on opening track ‘Laced Up’. The Flood co-founder and Dose Cork member once again bats it out of the park with his fiery tribal drums, infiltrated by wailing sirens and intriguing step functions.

Plus One follows with the hip-shaking 4x4 bounce of ‘Bonk’. A track with limitless energy which thrives with its rolling bassline alongside clipping drums and enticing vocal chops.

We then enter the 160 zone as SLOUCHO brings a forceful two-step whack on ‘WAKE UP HAPPY!!’. The mixture of thick kicks with thin snares creates a series of palpable divots, constantly being re-filled with soothing vocals, progressive chords and blotchy bass.

sloucho cover pic


‘Operations of Grace’ reels in the high tempos for a more astute club breakdown via Dublin hero Roo Honeychild. Configured in jersey, the Club Comfort party starter creates elegant atmospheres amidst the robust kicks and breaks to create a rather dreamy track.

Closing out the sounds is Luke Kiid who delivers one of the funnest tracks we’ve heard in a while with his rendition of Hazey’s ‘Packs and Potions’. Donk versions of the track have usually been the order of the day, but this UK-funky rattle just maybe hits even more of the right notes. A proper livener this one.

As an added bonus to the sounds comes the magical artwork of DJ Egg who has been behind the party’s visual presence since day one. Egg hallmarks the work they’ve done for AAA as a real turning point in their form, describing the designs created for the event posters as some of their most authentic work yet. In defiance against the growingly digital world of club artwork, the album art for AAA01 is available to buy as a physical print mirroring the tradition of the event’s flyers being printed for distribution around Galway city with each passing edition. A really wonderful idea we have to say!

AAA01 and it’s accompanying artwork is now available for purchase on Bandcamp here: https://araisaris.bandcamp.com/album/ar-ais-ar-s-volume-1

A rip-roaring first entry from the imprint and we’ve been informed there are more works in the pipeline… In the meantime if you’re around Galway in the coming days, make sure to get down to the next AAA offering at the Commerical Boat Club on April 12th as they welcome WIGS founder IMOGEN out West alongside Eliza and Prun.

Tickets here: https://ra.co/events/1892153