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Posted on November 3, 2022

FRESH JUICE: High Octane by Body Mechanic (Philthtrax)

One of the Detroit forefathers, the Body Mechanic returns with a super rare electro funk 12” on High Octane, courtesy of definitive electro label Philthtrax.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

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4 tracks of layered electro goodness, High Octane opens with an ode to the original Detroit sound 'where it all began' on 'Detroit Electronics'. A casually rotating 808 funk roller that eases in and out of tight breakdowns and grooved synth lines, this is where the players play and not many can find the funk in electro like the Body Mechanic does. Typically exemplified on the A1.

A2 'Interplay' arrives smoothly with a booty tooting drum pattern and further organ funk that locks the sound on that irrepressible mid 80's-90's sound. A well pressed electro cut up.

Body Mechanic cover pic

(Pictured: Body Mechanic)

Having played as a consistent figure within US electro, techno, and hip hop since the 80's working with acts like Kurtis Blow, DJ Dee, as well as being held in the same light as Detroit spearheads like DJ Assault and Dr. De, the Body Mechanic has carved out a distinct ability to roll through the many dimensions of his hometown sound.

B1 'Electroit' takes on a harder edge on the record's flip side. Echoing snares drive alongside daring kicks and basslines enveloping a real electro tunnel chaser. There are remnants of the classic Underground Resistance sounds of the 90s in here that are crying out to rip up an early morning dark room.

On the EP's close, B2 'Electricity' takes on a Drexciyan dimension with a zorbing flotation energy that still treds hard on an 808 groove.

These tracks roll back the years whilst sounding as fresh and as relevant as they ever could. 'High Octane' is a record that can easily be envisioned as one that collectors will be choking to get their hands on in the future. A truly seamless working from one of the Detroit originals.