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Posted on June 15, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Gunchester by DJ Ladybarn

Deriving out of both Belfast and Manchester, Il Padrino Records launch off their third release of the season with regular feature DJ Ladybarn's 'Gunchester' garage tales.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: DJ Ladybarn | Gunchester

Il Padrino has been welcoming anyone and everyone to the party since its birth in 2014 out of Belfast showcasing the more elaborate side of club music. The past 8 years has seen the label sharing many different genres beit garage, footwork, or phonk, all the while carrying interesting themes and sharing the tracks to the world for free. It's a labour of love existing merely for the enjoyment of it all, and that passion evidently filters through to the music.

Hailing from Fallowfield, Manchester, DJ Ladybarn has been a common provider to the imprint with his take on UK garage and break sounds. Previously inspired by phonk music as well old skool UKG and 2-step, Ladybarn has been pushing a more break-beat and bass driven sound on recent releases, with nods to those previous inspirations clearly still evident in his productions.

Gunchester was made with the intention of trying something new. A phonk-fused 2 step 4 tracker that pays homage to artists like Bicep, Overmono, MJ Cole, and many heads from the 90's garage and house era, yet all the while it maintains its own unique atmospheric club feel.

il padrino cover pic

The EP's title-track 'Gunchester' initiates proceedings with a pulsating synth instrumental that forges with a well weighted 2 step rhythm and static vocals. Chatter reminiscing of a bygone Manchester era fills the background adding further substance to this emotive garage anthem.

Solidified by the formidable breakbeat of Overmono's 'So U Kno' and laced with vocals from the famous Soulsearcher house anthem of the same name, 'Feelin' Love' creates an atmospheric combinative mash-up fit to tear up any fun-lovin' club night. A fresh-take on two of clubland's most dominating sounds.

'I'm Missing You' continues on the atmospheric 2-steppin' path of its predecessors. Laced with familiar 00's RnB vocals and dreamy soundscape fillings, DJ Ladybarn exudes further a clear knack for creating tear-jerking club music that is poised for the early hours.

The stuttering shuffle of 'Fade Into The Sky' journeys the EP to its close with an alluring organ melody and more euphoric vocals and bass-lines. The mid-rift continues to gain weight with the track's progression before drifting into the 2 step abyss.

An impressive rendition from Ladybarn with these 4 uplifting garage spinners that are sure to help out during peak time in any intimate club settings. Il Padrino have added another stormer to their now vast locker that continues to grow month on month.

Discover the extended Il Padrino catalogue here: ilpadrinorecords.bandcamp.com/