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Posted on May 10, 2022


The third entry in quick succession from the thwarting DJ MELL G founded Juicy Gang Records lands with another joint effort, this time featuring the razor sharp aggressor that is DJ Fuckoff.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: juicygangrecords.bandcamp.com/album/juicy-class

Following on from the initial collaborations with DJ Godfather and Karnage Kills on Juicy Gang, DJ MELL G strikes another fiery chord on JUICY CLASS with the domineering Kiwi, DJ Fuckoff. The sound delivered is once again raunch-fuelled and overflowing with bad attitude as the wicked Mell G bounce is given a crossover with the tenacious lyrics of Berlin based DJ Fuckoff.

An alluring DJ Fuckoff' voicemail sets the sensual tone for the EP on opening track 'FREAK YOU'. Mell's typical pressing kicks emerge alongside these enthralling vocals which are given extra weight with the well fed hats, breaks and snares. The cheeky and chirpy key melody allows the track to maintain an exciting bounce throughout.

'LIKE IT FAST' follows with another ode to the bedroom as Mel G and Fuckoff pick up the pace and the bass. The old school ghetto tech feel is met with more rigid hats and tappy broken beat breakdowns.

side b cover pic

The insatiable vocals that Karnage Kills provided on JGR003 are really challenged by DJ Fuckoff on JUICY CLASS, and the teasing 'DEATH BY PUSSY' is maybe the best example of this. DJ Fuckoff's commanding vocals once more are the focal point against Mell's broken booty bass rhythm that is laced with electro elements.

Closing out, 'CREME DE LA CREME' puts the foot on the accelerator blowing the opening 3 tracks out of sight for fire and fury. A real circuit breaker with its stabbing kicks and loose hats, DJ MELL G's percussion appears to gain more solidity with every release. DJ Fuckoff's sensual whisper beds fittingly with the striking synth hits and the pulsating conga.

Juicy Gang is beginning to establish itself as one of the more elusive European imprints with DJ MELL G providing a foundation for some of the rawest club tracks being made anywhere right now. 3 releases in alongside 3 of the most intriguing collabs we can think of recently, DJ Fuckoff effort exemplifies what Juicy Gang is about and where it is going. Another stalwart from Mell as the gang continues to grow!

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