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Posted on February 15, 2022


DJ MELL G spanks back once more with a second balls to the wall installment on her recently ignited Juicy Gang Records. 'PU$$Y GALORE' sees Mell team up with rising queer UK grime force, KARNAGE KILLS, for a three track trip to divinity!

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Listen & Buy the EP now here PU$$Y GALORE | KARNAGE KILLS X DJ MELL G

Opening track 'ON MY MIND' instantly outlines the perfect combination that this collaboration is set to play out. A thundering bass line with shrieking drums and alarm sounds beautifully lines up with the bad attitude lyrics of Karnage Kills. Bolstered by floatier key melodies throughout, this is a sensual dark room slammer from MELL G which picks up right where the 'COPS CAN'T DANCE' effort with DJ Godfather left off.

The B-side arrives with a similarly doofing track in 'GITM', which holds more of an electro pounce alongside chippy hats and more domineering vocals from the impressive Karnage Kills. This paired with 'ON MY MIND' offers up two thumping club tracks primed for sweaty booths as the now Kiev-based MELL G shines once more as one of the most fruitful electro/ ghetto tech talents in Europe at the moment.

back of pussy galore album art

'SUCK MY DICK' closes out another Juicy Gang delight in the shape of a more house shelled production that brings the now evidently joyous charm of KARNAGE KILLS in with a strutting catwalk rhythm that screams bad manners.

A snappy response to the initial release on the imprint in December, Juicy Gang looks set to keep us on our toes with some of the more innovative talents in the industry showing up on the roster alongside the thriving DJ MELL G, leaving us mouth watering at what may come next from the outfit.

PU$$Y GALORE arrives on vinyl today and you can snatch it up now on the Juicy Gang Records bandcamp; Music | JUICY GANG RECORDS.