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Posted on May 13, 2022

FRESH JUICE: HEADSET001 by Creep Woland

The notorious Edinburgh based party series Headset expands to record label heights with its first release coming from regular affiliate, Creep Woland.

4 tracks of floating, atmospheric breaks and 2-step that resonate deeply with the sounds that have become synonymous with Headset over the years.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

(Buy/ Stream here) headset-scotland.bandcamp.com/album/headset001

Backed by somewhat of a cult figure in Edinburgh's electronic scene, Skillis' Headset laid its foundations in the city in 2014 initializing as an underground focused rave party at the well respected Bongo Club. It has been a mainstay on Edinburgh's fabled Cowgate ever since, hailed as one of the most attended and respected parties in all of Scotland. Recent guest bookings like UNiiQU3, Yung Singh, Batu, and Jeremy Sylvester, offer up an idea into the typical sounds that are associated with the Headset imprint.

The notion of Headset as a label has been in the works since its roots as a party series and it is Glasgow-based Headset regular Creep Woland that is given the honour of offering up the prestigious first release on the Headset catalogue, which is available in both physical and digital formats.

A craftsman of the darker themes of electronic music, Creep Woland's sound could be described as a more gothic take on breakbeats, dubstep, and jungle, that in many cases make reference to the overcast feel that his home of Glasgow can sometimes exude.

creep woland cover pic

More often than not Woland has produced self-released workings with the notable Close Reading LP, and Chamberlain & DIESEL-BLUEZ EP's all falling under his own banner.

HEADSET001 marks a slight shift in sound direction, with the EP uncovering a more airy and earthy side to Woland's typically moody production style.

'Blantyre 86 Style' opens up as a dozy breakbeat number that soothes with its atmosphere of hazy early mornings in bustling 9-5 cities. The feeling of dawn is flattened by Woland's awakening kicks and snares, as birds chirp and distant voices & noises distort in the perceived urban background.

Fellow Scotsman Usurp enters on 'Healing Able 713', combining with Woland to create a more stubborn and pitched breakbeat foundation with a garage feel. Further uplifting synth works help to relax the energy against the resurfacing dubstep influenced bassline.

headset title cover pic

On to the B-Side, 'Luca Benzito' continues Woland's tread into garage waters. The piano work along with soundbwoy vocal samples and flailing police sirens merge into the breakdown meeting at the opposite side in 2 step shuffling fashion. A sound Headset knows all too well.

On the close, 'Eraser Funk' takes elements of electro and breakbeat, zoning them out into a sedative state of unawareness. A chugging and hypnotic breaks number that encompasses many traditional club components before drawing its last breath.

It appears the wait was worth it for Headset's entry into the record zone. The first installment into the imprint's new beginning where the focus is set to become more on the music than the memorable parties that brought it to life. Creep Woland gets a hat tip from us, as does Skillis and the movement that he has helped to forge in Edinburgh and beyond.

HEADSET001 will be undergoing the launch party treatment with upcoming dates in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Bristol over the next number of weeks. Check out the dates below and show some love to the release on Bandcamp headset-scotland.bandcamp.com/album/headset001


20/5/22 - HEADSET001 Launch Party @ Bongo Club Edinburgh with Creep Woland, Feena and Skillis ra.co/events/1534101

21/5/22 - HEADSET001 Launch Party @ Stereo Glasgow with Creep Woland, Feena, Ira, Skillis & Bass Warrior Sound System ra.co/events/1534105

16/6/22 - HEADSET001 Launch Party @ The Love Inn Bristol with Creep Woland, Fena and Skillis ra.co/events/1534596