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Posted on March 1, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Raziel V/A by Hilltown Disco

Dundonian purveyors of electro, Hilltown Disco continue their now longstanding V/A collaboration with Art Angel

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Now in it's 8th edition with the Raziel release, the imprint delivers 5 electro stunners from Alex Jann, Atix, Dexorcist, Sentient State and Weith.

Buy/ Listen here: hilltowndiscouk.bandcamp.com/album/raziel

After last years pulsating Asbeel and Zadkiel releases with Art Angel, Hilltown Disco once again show off their eclectic electro tastes as they bring together acts from the US, France and the UK to add to their already staggering alumni.

Sentient State opens up the Hilltown Disco catalogue for 2022 with the compilation's introduction track, Model 5000. An electro groove-rider from the notable American act that meanders between eerie and funk-fuelled melodies with reappearing cyborg vocal samples.

Hyper-charged Skee Mask-like kicks and pads enter on Weith's 'Inevitability' as the funk of Model 5000 dissolves. Aggressive bass lines crash against whaling propeller noises as the flow turns deeper and darker at each bridge.

Hilltown art

The impressive Alex Jann offers up squidging acidic synth lines over a block-rockin' 808 beat on lead single 'Solaris Flare'. An ever-sharpening sound with chasing bass lines and neatly programmed bleeps that constantly try to one up each other throughout this rumbling collision of sounds.

The UK based Dexorcist responds to the intensity of the preceding tracks with hyper-active bass lines on 'Cobotic Manipulators'. Malfunctioning computers lie in the dust of this hazardous concaving electro blaster. Music built for dark rooms or street fighters.

Closing out the mastery is Lyon's Atix, with their blistering effort on 'Révolutions'. Further quaking bass lines arrive against an authoritative vocal sample and more digitalized melodies and probing synths. A sublime track to close out as Hilltown Disco once more coughs up automatic additions to our ready USBs.

As always with the Hilltown Disco Angel Series, all proceeds go to the Art Angel foundation. A mental health project in the Dundee area that helps people to reconnect with themselves through many different artforms, with the EP artwork even stemming from a creative from the project.

Terrific electro club tracks all in aid of a fantastic cause. Good on the Hilltown Disco lads once again.

See more about Art Angel here: www.artangeldundee.org.uk/

Check out the entire Hilltown Disco catalogue here: hilltowndiscouk.bandcamp.com/music