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Posted on June 16, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Bolt by HomeSick

Configured by means of AI, HomeSick's Bolt EP bends searing bass lines and drum programming resulting in three high voltage dubstep and hip-hop hybrids on Leipzig's fearsome Defrostatica Records.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: homesick89.bandcamp.com/album/bolt-ep

With the aim in mind to blur the boundaries between jungle, footwork, drum and bass, & more, it is no surprise to hear the sound culminated by HomeSick on the defiant Defrostatica imprint. Hailing from Calgary in Alberta, Canada, HomeSick has been voyaging as one of the country's most cutting edge producers in the last number of years, particularly since 2020 when he began using machine learning and AI in his productions. It has led him to heights of becoming a Red Bull Music Academy graduate and opened avenues to perform at global festivals like Sonar, Shambala, and Bass Coast.

Whether or not you are aware of the production prowess of HomeSick before listening to Bolt will likely make no difference to how you will receive the sounds on the release. The opening title-track wastes no time in introducing the Canadian's destructive sound pallet. 'Bolt' is an almost overwhelming bass-fused half time number that crosses between blitzing dubstep and trap rhythms. A bass-line powered by intensive voltage, HomeSick amasses a tasering thud leaving listeners bemused as to what the f*ck is going on?! But in a really f*cking good way.

homesick cover pic

This wall of noise is followed up on the bass-tingling 'Yes Track'. Less vicious with it's kicks, but just as fierce with it's low-end, HomeSick shows a hint of subtlety on this number that stays true to the sound with it's moody deep-tone and energizing vocal samples.

'Fake' ties together additional mean bass with a more old-school hip-hop type beat. Sonorous in its delivery, HomeSick explores further the boundless space of his groundbreaking means of production.

The sheer scale that HomeSick has taken with his dive into an AI backed production style has seen even the Canadian Council for the Arts taken a direct interest offering support for the artist to make the idea into a reality. The results are incredible and somewhat frightening. There is an incredible energy within these tracks considering how bass-reliant they are and they are more than club-friendly.

Bolt follows up from HomeSick's previous debut release on Defrostatica, Burnout 2099. With both releases there is a very refreshing take on the typical club sounds of dancehall, dubstep, and drum and bass. They blend seamlessly within themselves as hip-hop and RnB tracks at times also. HomeSick cements the ideology that there is no limit to music and his methods may have opened a hidden door not many would have expected to venture down.

Discover the extended Defrostatica and HomeSick catalogues here: homesick89.bandcamp.com/music // defrostatica.bandcamp.com