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Posted on January 17, 2022

FRESH JUICE: JCO1 by Jason Code

Jason Code returns with more kamikaze breaks and dubs on his self-released 'JCO1' effort.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy & Listen now on Bandcamp: jasoncode.bandcamp.com/album/jc01-2

Having just come off the back of his explosive Scuffed debut with 'HOT!' (Listen: jasoncode.bandcamp.com/album/hot-ep, the Seattle native is beginning to forge a signature sound that fuses bassy/dubstep sounds with shuffling juke and speed garage rhythms in devastating fashion.

Jason has been plying his trade in the ever blooming Nashville scene over the last number of years within the Terminal 8 crew, known party starters and collaborators with acts like Nikki Nair, Kush Jones and ELISE to name but a few, with ATL striker Zaida next up on their club roster.

This 4 track battering ram kicks off with 'Bodyyy', which pulsates from the get go with its thudding bassline and trigger-happy breaks. Similarly to the title track from his Scuffed entry, 'HOT!', Code's 'Bodyyy' huffs and puffs with its pacing interchanges and epic breakdowns. A truly challenging two-stepper!

jason code press pic

'FACE AH' follows with more sawed off breaks and eerie basslines that are further cemented by a rolling vocal sample throughout. At this point, there is a serious sense that the Tennessee based artist is really trying to outdo his previous efforts on 'JCO1'.

Arriving just on time is penultimate track 'Punctual'. Here, a wobbling bassline and garage beat fend against an intimidating break and a whirlwinding siren melody, with no time to spare.

Closer 'WACK!' continues with the same thundering breaks heard on the opening tracks, which temper alongside chasing melodies and snappy hip-hop samples, leaving you in a panicked flee from a breach in security.

This release really sounds like what we have come to expect from Jason Code, and then some. There is a real skill in his productions that leave you triggered with a feeling. Sometimes it may feel like you are being sucked into a vacuum, but in the best, most chaotic way possible. Other times it can feel like you have suddenly gained the ultimate level on Mortal Kombat. Either way it's a lot of fun. Club music that will leave you struggling to keep up on the dance floor. Bliss!