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Posted on March 1, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Corrupt / Brewing by LWS (Matrice Recordings)

New Glasgow-based label Matrice Recordings emerges with a drilling UK techno 2 tracker from founding head LWS. Two tracks of percussive delight that warp the mind throughout.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream now: matricerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/corrupt-brewing

Specializing in the more obscure region of leftfield UK techno, LWS delivers his newly found Matrice as a creative canvas to share his workings of the past two years. Having released previously on Glasgow's TDSR, and a frequent supplier to Project Radio and Balamii, he is excelling in a growingly reputable percussive electronic scene in Scotland alongside acts like Feena, Kamus, and SMIFF.

The EP's Opening track 'Corrupt' builds off a dense bass-line and choppy percussion that transgresses in a minimal fashion, constantly clashing new elements together. Tribal congas, stiff broken drum beats, and snappy clipped vocals create an inimitable tension as the track builds up and breaks down.

lws cover pic

Flipping over to the b-side, 'Brewing' once again maintains an eerie tribal percussive aura, this time with a more steady rhythm that develops an assured groove with its use of distorted drums and rotative synth lines. Built using a Moog DFAM, the track guzzles from the core creating a club friendly wobbler that you would expect to hear on the likes of Wisdom Teeth or Livity Sound.

Both tracks have received support from the likes of Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, and Pedder Mannerfelt. An excellent debut for the Matrice imprint leaving us mouth-watering for the releases that may follow from the 22 year old alongside a potential extended recording roster.