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Posted on May 27, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Magic the Gabbering by Bitten Twice

Dublin-based hardcore experimental contingent Bitten Twice cough up their next manic episode on the full throttle Magic the Gabbering.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: bittentwicecollective.bandcamp.com/album/magic-the-gabbering

Growingly notorious within the Dublin electronic scene, Bitten Twice have been making a startling noise in the city both as a collective and individually for a number of years now. Consisting of Julia Louise Knifefist, Rory Sweeney, and Fomorian Vein, the imprint has embedded a frightening concoction of hardcore, gabber, and jungle inspired sounds within both their releases, as well as their stage presence.

Most recently we saw the trio going toe to toe with inspirational figures Machine Girl in Dublin's Workman's Cellar Club, highlighting the growing prowess the group are establishing for themselves domestically and with visiting international acts.

Magic the Gabbering sees all three heads spin their own takes on the definitive Bitten Twice sounds with Sweeney taking first blood on the mammoth 'Truck' alongside vocals from JLK (Julia Louise Knifefist). Emerging with a rip-roaring jungle rhythm that clashes with a harsh gabber paneling, 'Truck' is a 180bpm storm of unconventionalism that merges well with the dominant lyrics of JLK.

Knifefist follows on this form with 'David Blaine'. Another gut-wrenching gabber hit that establishes itself with its eerie-backgrounds, well-positioned vocal samples, and immense kicks and hats.

bitten twice cover pic

Fomorian Vein closes out with a more comforting dreamy background on 'Kyteler & Petronella'. As expected, the reserved approach inevitably collides with stabbing kicks that are less serious in their depth than the preceding tracks, but all the same pack a formidable punch. Junglistic breakdowns allow the airy pallet to re-emerge into this twisted druid's brew before more tentative kicks close out the gabbering.

Alongside the many healthy scenes that are establishing themselves within Ireland's vibrant music industry, Bitten Twice are leading the way for the hardcore culture and doing so in a way that is turning a lot of heads. Describing themselves as an 'experimental rave collective dedicated to promoting strange sounds and unconventional rhythms', this is merely a brief synopsis of the creative chaos that the trifecta are capable of offering up. Watch out for this lot, beit within Bitten Twice or their personal work, they are making some of the most explosive music in the country right now.

bitten twice 2 cover pic

Discover the extended Bitten Twice catalogue here: bittentwicecollective.bandcamp.com/