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Posted on February 20, 2023

FRESH JUICE: ‘Delphinine Capriole’ by Matteo Coffetti (Nostro Hood System

Bergamo native Matteo Coffetti becomes the latest addition to the weird and wonderful world of Nostro Hood System Records with the deconstructive ‘Delphinine Capriole’.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: nostrohoodsystem.bandcamp.com/album/delphinine-capriole-ep

A producer, DJ and co-founder of the Turin based PHO BHO imprint, Confetti began mixing under his collective ‘Upstairs’, a Bergamo homeless based party which hosted artists and music not yet explored in the city. Furthermore he is one half of Ninja Exotic Machine alongside Kakofonico, exploring tribal rhythms immersed in tight electronic drum patterns and basslines.

A consistent releaser over the last number of years through his own imprint, Matteo’s sound is in constant transformation through a plethora of experimental club styles. Beit chugging techno cuts, to EBM, or sniping dubstep, his unconventional outlook makes for some of the more interesting electronic music around right now. Music that's hard to box in and put your finger on, we tried our best to sum up the sounds in words. Plug it into your headphones and you’ll see what we mean (in the best way possible).

A conjunction of xylophone melodies, computing sound effects, as well as a vast array of percussive elements merge to create sludging and folding textures amidst intermittent kicks on the opening ‘Bombicyne Labyrinth’.
‘Puffalope Clippert’ enters with what feels like an enticing acid house melody before being morphed into a bombardment of percussion that eventually settles into a more rigid bass arrangement. It’s on ‘Quadrified Jettatura’ that Coffetti really showcases his unpredictability in sound identity. Off-kilter snares and expressive pads bounce off of one another amidst elements of rave and organic drums which side step in direction with piercing vocal snippets and more unpredictable rhythm patterns.

Matteo cover pic

(Pictured: Matteo Coffetti)

The mechanic ‘Splamao Warm’ shuts down the EP in expected blitzing fashion. Torpedo pad slaps, yo-yo-ing vocal samples, and distorted bass lines sign off Coffetti’s irregular but consuming production style helping to validate his addition to the Nostro Hood alumni.

A voyage through bending bass, consistently inconsistent drum patterns, and a whole host of bugged out effects and padding, this is thought provoking music from the Italian. Flirtations with structure soon make way for Matteo’s toying reversed noise. Inconvenient for some, and a sheer joy for others, its unconventional club and that's exactly what it says on the tin.

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