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Posted on March 5, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol. 18 by Nikki Nair

US bass and breaks dynamo Nikki Nair shares his next turn on Cheeky Music's Breaks 'N' Pieces series, featuring 5 percussion heavy prowlers.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here cheekymusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/breaks-n-pieces-vol-18

The multi-dimensional, aggressive sound of Nikki Nair tests itself further on volume 18 of Breaks 'N' Pieces as his forward thinking, chizzling percussive led cuts push the decibels yet again. Releases on Scuffed, Dirtybird, and Lobster Theremin, has seen his sound blossom across many waters, leaving an ever-growing anticipation for his every release.

Opening track 'Way of the Void' paces itself to start, sharing trinkets of the forthcoming break lines that are laden with old Shaolin samples. Eventually the tornado break riproars, glitching along the way with thumping bass and pads. An insane amount of noise to come out of one track, complemented greatly by the playful samples.

'Pop Music' follows with a more electro laden rhythm, armoured by pounding kicks and claps that lose sensibility during some of the breakdowns. Another soundsystem punisher as one could only expect from Nair.

Nikki Nair cover pic

Flipping to the B-side, the Atlanta-based producer brings the cowbell and shuffle on 'Unit'. The resurfacing bass line adds weight to the track as its drums and bleeps intensify. More cowbell please Nikki.

'Trackiing' channels a tribal energy with its UK funky inspired tempo. Clappy bongo sounds splash against consistent bass thuds on this energetic roller.

Wrapping up, 'Person or Persons' takes on a more minimal form than the other tracks. Once again it is shaped by more traditional percussive sounds and bolstered by a wubbing bass line that releases slowly but surely, teasing for it's duration as the sound edges closer to eruption with each passing bridge. Somehow it manages to stay on it's course.

Another triumph from one of the most humbling producers out there right now.

Discover more of Nikki's sound now if you haven't already nikkinair.bandcamp.com/