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Posted on June 1, 2022

FRESH JUICE: OFK 001 by Offtrack

Mullingar native Offtrack sets off with his debut LP spanning 8 hypnotic techno and rave ready tracks.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: offtrack.bandcamp.com/album/ofk-001

Offtrack's (Thomas Kilmurray) debut self-released LP, OFK 001, depicts the ranging and rolling sound that the Midlands artist has crafted for himself over the last number of years. A regular feature at some of the most recent editions of the iconic Life Festival and Fuinneamh, as well as holding down supporting slots around the country for acts like Hadone, DeFeKt, and Cailín, Killmurray has been brewing up a storm on the Irish circuit with his blend of driving and entrancing techno.

After a string of V/A offerings and remix workings on Digital Indecency, Fyun, and Concrete Berlin, Offtrack's totalling range is showcased in deserved measure on OFK 001 with a vibrant display of synth-driven techno and electro that reflect on his sound at present.

'Professor Hypnosis' gets the ball rolling doing pretty much what it says on the tin. A thwarting hypnotic techno number that is constantly in rotation with its running acidic synth lines, choppy 4x4 kicks, & timely hats.

The beefed up 'Low Cut' follows with a kick-fuelled techno terror that fits seamlessly into it's grey and industrial background feels.

Thomas cover pic

'Show No Emotion' returns to the alluring trancing feel that was displayed on 'Professor Hypnosis'. Constantly teasing as to when it may implode on itself, it manages to stay in balance and continues to intensify to its end as a real dark room thriller.

The twitching 'Ebisu' follows with a similar dark and stormy concoction that flickers aggressively at each groove. Killmurray once again highlights his ability to stay locked on the beat here, making effective use of eerie backgrounds that boil the track right to the brim.

'Glass Loops 64' takes a less dark approach, melding hints of French house and hard groove but spinning them back into the dizzying array of body melting hypnosis that Offtrack has by now made synonymous with the sounds on this record.

The reactor that is 'Trueno' then violently chases with its thick synth line and pulsating kicks & hats. The weighted synth turns slightly acidic at times before returning to its more bass-laden foundation throughout this 5 minute techno frenzy.

offtrack page cover

The album's penultimate track, '1Step 1Take', takes a turn for electro with a distinguishable 808 rhythm and break pattern. Further quaking synths emerge that consistently distort and bend in the backdrop. Again, the off-kilter layers repeatedly fizz and flow leaving feet moving infectiously.

'At Peace' closes out proceedings with a chastening groove, almost drowned out by distinct heart monitor bleeps that continue to gain substance with each turn before coming to a sudden halt, poetically closing out this masterful sound exhibit from Killmurray.

After tearing up proceedings at Life Festival's Index Stage on Saturday past, Offtrack is riding a sea of momentum having just released his debut LP to boot. OFK 001 delivers on what feels like the start of something really special that could boost the Westmeath man to irregular heights.