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Posted on February 18, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Rescue & Research Pt. 4: PANG (Failed Units)

Manchester hard techno & bass label 'Failed Units' deliver part 4 of their Rescue & Research series with an onslaught from Icelandic live techno duo, PANG.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Listen here failedunits.bandcamp.com/album/rescue-research-pt-4-pang

PANG! What is says on the tin is pretty much what you get on this blitzkrieg selection of techno cuts from the pair from the land of ice and fire. Opening track 'ULTRA 1' enters the fray with missile fuelled kicks and vibrating pads that warn of imminent air strikes. Prepare to get into your bunker right away as the sirens come roaring.

As the debris has just settled from 'ULTRA 1', the Berlin-based double act throw together an almost confusing bass stepper that glitches with each kick on 'ULTRA 2'. The track catches up with itself eventually before it spins out of control. Epic bleep action throughout.

Arcade-like bass lines fuzz through 'ULTRA 3' as further drone strike kicks plant on the surface to top off 3 terror fuelled club weapons that scale the 150 zone from start to finish.

To wrap up the carnage, the Kyoto-based Naco flips up 'ULTRA 1' inna jungle style adding bendy breaks and 90's SEGA samples to the rattling kicks and pads left behind by PANG on the original.

A devastating 4 track triumph that is NSFW, almost giving the impression that no soundsystem would stand a chance (in the greatest way possible).

As Failed Units have put it themselves;

'It won't do the dishes and it won't feed the fishes, but for everything else there's PANG!'

failed units cover art

Buy & Listen to Rescue & Research Pt. 4 and the rest of the Failed Units discography here: