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Posted on July 5, 2022

FRESH JUICE: PINS: A Compilation of Electronic Music from Glasgow

With PINS comes a short aural trip into Glasgow's creative underbelly, compiling some of the city's most talented and experimental focused electronic artists.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

6 tracks that bend and ooze, maintaining a fittingly hazy backdrop throughout that seems a fitting tribute to the city's otherworldly visionary scene.

Buy/ Stream here: pinsglasgow.bandcamp.com/album/pins-a-compilation-of-electronic-music-from-glasgow

Born out of a desire to unveil the bubbling DIY ethos that is currently brewing in the city, PINS gathers together original sounds from some of the most promising electronic acts in Glasgow right now. From the bass stretching sounds of Kamus & PinballSpider, to Pigeon Steve's rolling acid number, as well as WomenSaid's post industrial scapes, there is something on PINS for all tastes with each of the 6 entries helping to capture the many progressive scenes in Scotland's largest city.

The compilation's opener sees Kamus & PinballSpider combine once more after their previous joint entries on 'Loriini' and 'Interlinked'. Again the duo express their dense bass and percussive palettes with 'On Springs' which crafts mystical backdrops with a dub-fuelled low end and refreshing drums. A track that would not be out of place on the likes of Livity Sound.

Pigeon Steve and The Waffle follow up with a tightly screwed breakbeat acid roller hybrid on 'Ur Welcome (Acid Karaoke Mix)'. Zoned out and futuristic in its feel, the track maintains a limbering anticipative atmosphere, much like a night ride through the city's vast streets.

pins cover pic

(Pictured: KAVARI)

Helena Celle's drifting lo-fi glider 'Stop Motion Sickness' brings remnants of the 2010 sounds of early Ross from Friends and DJ Seinfeld alongside a galloping drum beat and high pitched synth works. Throughout you are left wondering what the track would sound like at full throttle, but it's subtle emptiness subdues almost poetically with the sometimes grey landscape of the Greater Lanarkshire area in mind.

This is followed by WomanSaid's post-industrial intermission on 'Drowning In OHM'. Its gloomy guitar riffs and synth backgrounds alongside a dubbed out marching beat make for a fitting soundtrack to Glasgow's expressible darkness, which is much of what gives it its own artistic beauty.

The highly touted KAVARI gives further validation to her recent acclaim on 'Deaf To Sirens'. A cyber-punk ambience that is met by the growingly distinct chopped kicks of KAVARI which initially take on a hip-hop format before culminating into a drilling sensation.

pins 2nd cover pic

(Pictured: EVANTHÉA)

EVANTHÉA's 'Stromm Cande' closes out as the Greek born artist applies her deft touch to withering synth panels and cutting edge drum beats which are given an alluring voiceover with her ever-fervent vocals.

PINS gathers together a small selection of Glasgow's flourishing creatives amassing a blistering concoction of bass sounds, club rollers, lo-fi, post-industrial, hyper punk, & more. Made by creatives for creatives, PINS takes its name from the desire to 'drop a pin on the present, and invite listeners not just to enjoy the music selected for the compilation, but to join them in a celebration of the now'.

Both digital and physical formats are available now on Bandcamp: pinsglasgow.bandcamp.com/album/pins-a-compilation-of-electronic-music-from-glasgow