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Posted on February 17, 2022

FRESH JUICE: New Futures by Plot Twist (Philthtrax)

Canadian electro and bass label Philthtrax land with their latest release from US artist Plot Twist, a 4 track spun out electronic voyage dubbed 'New Futures'.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

We chatted to Cherriep from the label about the foundations and inspiration behind Philthtrax and the latest release to bear fruit on their back catalog which has featured hitters like DJ Nasty, Garneau, Criminal Practice, & many more.

Buy/ Listen here philthtrax.bandcamp.com/album/new-futures

Falling as the first release of the calendar year for the label, Plot Twist (who has had sporadic releases on Philthtrax since 2014) soundtracks a journey from the roots of the electro sound to its unknown bounds with a real futuristic feel throughout. Initialized with opening title-track 'New Futures', the Mid-West artist lays down snappy hats over old school 808 kicks and bass lines that nod to the electro eras gone by. This is chased up by 'Think Tank (The Unknown)', a bass-ridden electro club weapon that depicts a world of higher computer intelligence than man can control.

The Philthtrax world could fall under many branches of sound with its vast and diverse output, beit electro, ghetto tech, bass, or footwork. Do not be fooled into thinking that this Plot Twist release is the singular type of sound from the imprint. Established in 2013 on the basis of a love for the Chicago footwork scene, co-founders Cherriep and Ghostwhip took inspiration from acts like Addison Groove & Om Unit and the work that they were doing with the sound during that period.

By the time they had the label up and running, the footwork scene had blown up exponentially, and soon the focus of Philthtrax shifted towards ghetto tech, and pressing records of that ilk. This eventually led to working with some of the great innovators of the sound in Detroit's Filthiest aka DJ Nasty, Body Mechanic, Mr. De', DJ Deeon, DJ Godfather and more.

philthtrax cover art

As the label has matured it has maintained its pressing of a high-volume of ghetto tech and electro records, as well as taking focus on the continuous conveyor belt of talent coming from the likes of the Russian Federation and it's multifaceted wave of electro & bass producers (think Snarexx, Mix Master Kutyma, DJ Karawai). This span in time has also seen Ghostwhip go on to form the 'Posse Up' label which has also become a staple for hard club trax.

Over the years there have been many lessons learned and experiences gained says Ben (Cherriep). 'From having a Ghostwhip track go viral on TikTok (not the coolest thing in the world), to hanging out and making tracks with DJ Deeon, (He's the shit, there's nobody like him)', Philthtrax are in the advanced position of having been through it all as they ride the crest of this next wave of vibrant electro, ghetto tech and underground dance output from across the globe.

'Running a label has made me the artist I am today. If you're gonna start though, here's some advice first. Make sure your distribution partner is on point with communication and support. Release the music that you like and focus on what matters to you, but stay consistent. Opinions are like buttholes, everyone thinks theirs is the tightest!
Hang around people who think your music sucks. Seriously.
Reach out to people you respect in the game.
Fame is super overrated. Copyright protection is not.
Keep social media off of the machine you use to run your business'.

Some intellect we all could use with the way the music world operates nowadays. Philthtrax take a more personal and direct approach with their business, and that is evident based on the people they have worked with and with the music that they release.

With 'New Futures' we have received a tightly screwed electro floor filling release that flirts with the darker bass fuelled side of the genre, as well as the original post-disco side, which is evident in the dance-friendly vibe of the EP's third track 'Decentralize'. The release wraps up with 'Forward', a soft landing on a new world that teases at the question of where can the sound go next?

We look forward to hearing that answer from Philthtrax on the many releases they may have to come!

Buy & Listen to New Futures and the extended Philthtrax discography here philthtrax.bandcamp.com/music