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Posted on May 25, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Raw Voltage V/A by Ovelha Trax

Constant releasers, Portugal's Ovelha Trax land with yet another Various Artists compilation sharing tracks from global producers that amass the typical label sounds of electro, ghetto tech and rave.

Buy/ Stream here ovelhatrax.bandcamp.com/album/va-raw-voltage

raw voltage album art

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

From an ever-reliable bank of V/A's and producer EP's, the Portuguese independent rave label Ovelha Trax have been making continuous noise in electro circles since September of last year. Their output in this time has seen them release 6 V/A's alongside 6 artist EP's from continental acts like Sophie Forrest, Play Boy Joe, and Svzz. 12 releases in total in the space of 9 months from the label's foundation indicates the prowess the label is trying to establish with it's growing roster of esteemed electro, ghetto and rave producers helping to craft the imprint's now distinguishable sound.

Raw Voltage brings together acts from as far as Texas, Peru, and Bogota, for an A-listing of 808 configured club trax that take inspiration from the classic electro templates with intelligent use of sampling and intimate backgrounds.

Blvck Psvlm opens the electrifying Raw Voltage V/A with a breakbeat fused ghetto tech shuffler. A flip up of the Missy Elliot classic 'Lose Control' that integrates dark acid lines and a moody bass giving the original a sharper edged club feel. Texas terror follows from Club Cab on 'It Never Ends'. Defiant on the locked groove of the 808, the dribbles of Memphis rap and airy electro synth lines & keys create a beat that is hard to ignore.

Bogota's Tropico Frio rotates what sounds like a Q-Tip vocal sample over a lively Roland pattern on the groove-laden 'Dreamin'. More spaced out synth backdrops fill out the Colombian's well crafted electro tapper. Watara keeps the phunk thrillz alive with 'Guetto Deejayz' which slaps hard on the kicks and more enticing hip hop vocals. A distinct ode to Detroit on this one.

Kwasir paths the sound down a darker electro route on 'The Martian's March'. Heavily acidic that just about stays in check as a result of Kwasir's drilling percussion. 'MidFlight' from the International Chrome and Crazed Behaviour familiar PTHGN continues on the journey into the dark realms of electro. A haunting chaser that innately keeps you on your toes.

ovelha cover pic

Adi Yair cooks up a steady block-rockin boom-box anthem on 'Black on Grey'. Suitable for clubs and pavement maneuvering that is well matched alongside its successor in Mingote & T3RNAS' 'Rack-so Anomalie'. Hardened electro themes that are well measured alongside tough hip-hop vocalling.

SupaA & shevinkields' show no remorse on the electrified 'Party Cake'. Destructive acid lines and 808 stabs twist the noise till breaking point. There is further dual combat on the intensifying and rolling electro number that is 'Faandulum' as My Boyfriend & Vulcan manage to keep up to speed with the now distinct Raw Voltage chaos.

The Deserter does exactly that on 'My Whole Life Right Here', leaving you in the wake of his turbulent electro might. The Argentinian teases with some momentary bliss at the breakdown before returning to the destructive panel that the track initialized with. CLUB SP33D merchant Zpectrum brings some club filtering to a familiar Nelly track on 'Hottt'. An electro whirlwind of the R&B hit that rides high on its snappy hats and acidic channeling. Saigg's 'Swift Garden' is another tunnel-chasing rager that leans heavy on the acidic bass lines and 808 hits.

Salush merges a footworking beat with more rumbling electro bass on 'Hot as Fuck'. A change in sound direction from the preceding electro and ghetto numbers as the German steps on the juke. The drift away from electro patterns is brief as Makabr's 'Search of a Trove' returns to the V/A's overruling theme.

LeBlonde's entry sees an 'Upturned' electro groove as the dust settles from the dark electro feels that have dominated the majority of the release. Costa's closing drone electro styled 'Gear System' journeys through the barren wasteland that Raw Voltage has left behind after 17 tracks that rock all systems to the core.

Ovelha Trax maintain a clear theme on Raw Voltage that coughs up a plethora of hard-nosed electro and ghetto tech tracks, channeling the darker angles throughout. An impressive gathering of global producers that merge together seamlessly, giving an almost mixable feel to the compilation for the duration.

Raw Voltage V/A is available to buy and stream now, and in true Ovelha Trax fashion, they have already landed another release this month with Bicycle Ride's 'Distorted Wheels' (see here: ovelhatrax.bandcamp.com/album/bicycle-ride-distorted-wheels-3 ).

Discover the extended Ovelha Trax catalogue here: ovelhatrax.bandcamp.com/