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Posted on February 15, 2023

FRESH JUICE: 'Haunted By You' by Reyka

Ever-promising Edinburgh producer REYKA delves into vulnerable atmospheres on the intimate trance-laden two step of 'Haunted By You'.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

We spoke to him about the SoundCloud phenomenon and the challenges of getting tracks out into the world, as well as his roots and processes in music.

Buy/ Stream here: Haunted By You - REYKA

Culminating a sound that has drifted between anything from eurotrance to deep house and breakbeat over the last 3 years, REYKA (Nathan Richards) has always found a subtle transition among his sounds. Delicate in layering but forceful in his execution, the productions have always felt interconnected albeit through different styles. 'Haunted by You' and its accompanying 'Queen Street Basement Remix' are the epitome of that tender yet powerful sound that Richards has developed.

This seemingly innate ability to create well polished club tracks stems from a musically oriented upbringing in which Richards attended the City of Edinburgh Music School, helping to embed his knowledge in classical theory and practices. From here, he picked up (and dropped many instruments) before gaining new influences by the time he went through university in Aberdeen taking inspiration from the city's raw club scene at the Tunnels and Unit 51, as well as its infamous after party scene which becomes reliant with the area's earlier curfew (2am).

The arrival of lockdown, like for many, gave Richards the bug to produce and with music in his DNA, what followed came very naturally. Releasing his debut album 'Alba' in 2021 was followed by a string of explosive SoundCloud and Bandcamp singles with his mash up and refixing of Ariana Grande and Barker on BABY I'VE TRIED in particular glowing up.

What has stood out the most in any REYKA production in this time is the clear atmospheric drive within.

‘I am heavy into my melodies and making a track really emotive. I want the listener to be able to relate to the track and so will often start by trawling through the internet for different vocal samples and subsequently either chop them up or let them breathe and flow as they were intended.’

REYKA cover pic

(Pictured: REYKA)

Since establishing himself within Scottish dance circles, he has remained a dedicated and consistent releaser, throwing himself into the unpredictable waters of current release platforms.

‘There are challenges within (Bandcamp and Soundcloud). If it's not in someone's face they may not see it with how the algorithm works. I've found so many incredible records with maybe less than 500 plays that are better if not equal to some of the ones with 100K +. Marketing is a key aspect and how you do it through social media today. I've dipped my toe into the ether of TikTok and found some success there but it's such a bizarre world to be in - and you can definitely get lost in it!.’

‘Finding & growing that core base of people that enjoy your music’ is one thing Nathan alluded to and is perhaps the key component for organic growth. With 'Haunted by You', REYKA will have treated those faithful with yet another magical release. A connective track that feels both personally reflective and energetic enough to be a pivotal club track. It's part of a larger forthcoming project dubbed 'Cry For Your Breaks', an EP charged by more emotional vocal chops, breaks and heavy subs.

‘This will be coming out in the next month, and I'm really excited to share with everyone the new music I've been making. It's been such a joy to get really creative over the past couple of months!.’

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