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Posted on February 10, 2023


Damning Derry-duo RIOT CODE revel in hard trance on the New York based HOMAGE imprint with latest EP.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

We spoke to the pair about the challenges faced during their meteoric rise over the last few years, their latest direction in sound, as well as their upcoming tour of Scotland.

Buy/ Stream here: 4EVER | RIOT CODE | HOMAGE

Emerging from the closed-in creative chambers of lockdown in 2020, RIOT CODE have gone on to amass an armoury of music in that time. From their raucous debut EP Drive Tribe, to featuring on 999999999’s NINETIMESNINE imprint, as well as Paula Temple’s Noise Manifesto label, they boast quite a prestigious back catalogue already in what is very much the morning of their careers.

Humble in their admission of their meteoric rise, the masked marauders opened up about some of the challenges faced during their life altering growth spurt.

“It’s been a lot to handle in terms of workloads, deadlines, gigs & other business-like stuff. We’ve had to compromise a lot being gone playing shows or in the studio with a deadline creeping up, but our friends and family understand what we’re trying to accomplish and build together”.

The sheer amount of releases that the pair have pumped out in the last two years is evidence alone of their dedication, and kindly the majority of these have been made freely available to the public. They have plugged themselves in the right direction and as a result have risen to the top of the Irish techno and hard dance crop in that time.

“We know exactly where we want to be and have put our heart and soul into RIOT CODE. We’re both still trying to find that balance between everything and learning when to take a breather. We’ve got some good friends in the industry that we can always reach out to for advice, we’re really grateful for that”.

Riot Code duo cover pic

(Pictured: Riot Code)

Their latest direction in sound sees the combo delivering a euphoric trance driven 4 tracker on the Brooklyn based HOMAGE Records, evolving from their techno and electro driven sounds that have allowed them to soar of late.

“We think it's very important not to box yourself into one specific genre or sound and explore music to take creative inspiration from everything. We get inspired by movies, soundtracks, experimental sounds, and tracks that we grew up listening to. We always want to push our sound to the next level by having a progressive outlook without any limitations’.

‘4PLAY’ begins with the anthemic ‘54.9966° N, 7.3086° W’, the coordinates of their beloved Derry. A beat-less euphoric synth development that is destined for peak set-closing or festival sunrise material, its hair raising emotive energy acts as a clear hat-tip to the city that helped carve them.

Riot Code edited pic

‘Souvenir’ brings back the triumphant kicks and stabs that the two have become sought after for. Matched with a dreamy synth line, this is yet another roof raising soundtrack for the club that intensifies in energy with each turn.

‘Silver’ follows suit with similar big room zeal. This time the base is an enthralling two step kick and more fluttering synth work, making for unadulterated rave trance that is given further weight by its smashing break beats.

Acting as both the EP’s closer and lead single, ‘Uncivil Jungle’ takes one final trip through trance euphoria. Ghastly breakdowns create the space for blade running bass and synth lines that emerge from the ecstasy fuelled rave backdrops.

Describing themselves as an independently run party series and label that focus on putting out ‘fucking bangers’, HOMAGE have hit yet another home run with RIOT CODE’s ‘4ever’. The excitement continues to build now 3 years in for one of Ireland’s most budding dance acts. Soon to commence their upcoming tour of Scotland, they are keen to take their new sounds out on the road.

“We’re feeling super excited for the tour. We can’t wait to make our debut in some of the new cities we haven't visited yet and to share some of our unreleased and upcoming music with everyone.”

RIOT CODE head to Edinburgh and Dundee next mid-week and finish their run of shows in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Kirkcaldy which you can access here: Tour Dates & Tickets - RIOT CODE

Buy/ Stream the extended RIOT CODE catalogue here: Riot Code

Buy/ Stream the extended HOMAGE catalogue here: HOMAGE