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Posted on March 22, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Dancetrumentals by Snarexx

Snarexx reappears on the St. Petersburg based, electro connoisseuring Urban, this time with an EP of his own.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

4 tracks of tappy Detroit-fused electro bytes delivered with a helping hand from Intruder.wav on the close.

Buy/ stream here urbanstghetto.bandcamp.com/album/dancetrumentals

Following a string of reputable releases on credible labels such as Habibi Bass, urwaxx, and Posse Up, Snarexx has distinguished himself within the Detroit inspired electro revival in Eastern Europe and beyond with infectious cuts that tackle booty house, ghetto tech, and classic 808 and synth driven electro sounds. After two formidable releases in 2021 with 'Return of The Space Bass' on urwaxx and 'Bass Tales' on Habibi Bass, which took on more cosmic electro journeys, 'Dancetrumentals' takes on more of a street, block-rocking sound that rides heavy on 808 and break lines alongside some darker synth lines and funk.

The EP begins its installation with 'City 313', a minimalistic effort that presses hard on the grooves with its bending melodies and flanged out trinkets. The sharp kicks and snares turn the track into a real chaser alongside the rush of the synth line and the 'techno city' vocal sample.

On the follow-up, 'Thunderclaps' packs a ghetto punch with break lines that would make DJ Assault smile wryly. Stormy bass backgrounds and synth runners add to the allure of the track which exudes a perfectly crafted combination of dark electro and ghetto tech.

УРБАН / URBAN cover pic

'G-Motion' stays fly on the phonk on this joyful booty house effort as high-pressing synths ride smoothly over the snappy 4x4 rhythm. A track that would light up any set, a real cracker from Snarexx here.

Intruder.wav joins proceedings on the breaks and bass friendly closing stomper, 'Breakslam'. Morphing in between a vast percussion ensemble of bongos, 808's and glitched amen breaks, it adds significant weight as the tender melodies are consumed. The track takes on more of a razor's edge after the breakdown with added ghostly synth lines and tight snares.

As always is the case with an Urban release, the tracks are bass heavy with clear nods to the old school US sounds, but with a modern definitive edge. Snarexx coughs up some ferocious bass lines and kicks on 'Dancetrumentals' that shine alongside more delicate melodies and grooves. A fine balance of groove and tuff stuff as Snarexx and Urban knock it out of the park yet again.

Discover the extended Urban discography here urbanstghetto.bandcamp.com/music