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Posted on July 7, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Headbutt by Strick

Long time supporter and now contributor, Strick arrives on London hard-drum label Even The Strong with 4 percussive tribalistic weapons all equipped for club scenarios.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: eventhestrong.bandcamp.com/album/headbutt

Canadian born & bred, Strick has culminated a jittery drum-focused club sound over the last number of years. Notable duo workings alongside Manchester's Avernian on both German imprint ROW and Birmingham's Circular Jaw, as well as self-released workings like 'Caffeine Ethos' have seen his sound gain a great traction with drum enthusiasts.

Strick's 'Headbutt' EP came to fruition after a move back to his home in rural Ontario some two years ago. Working on his family's vineyard, Strick used his free time to stay connected with the scene by making an abundance of club-focused productions which also served as a form of personal energetic release during the frustrating periods of COVID-19.

Strick cover pic

The release is described by the folk at Even The Strong as 'OG hard-drum', and with it comes 4 tracks of rolling, hypnotic percussive groove all designed for bodily moves. Opening title-track 'Headbutt' is initially masked as a funky house rhythm before steadily dwindling into an onslaught of resuscitating bass and drilling kicks. By the time it reaches its midway, it is a fully blown tribal mover that blends between the two opposing rhythms with ease.

'Carny Energy' wastes no time in distinguishing its sound and pattern. A straight up hard-drum teeth gritter that creates a desirable tension with its background alarm sounds alongside further creaks and groans.

Event The Strong pic

Strick's alluring raw body sound continues on 'Propane' which shakes to the core with its commanding kicks and finely balanced jitters, evoking a primal energy throughout.

Closing number 'Drunk at Laser Quest' sees a shift in vibrancy with finely measured percussion sections merging into one another against jump-up samples. There is a real club vibrancy here that gives a feeling of ticking over the edge, encapsulating the grit between Strick's production style. It was no surprise to see this aired as a premiere over on DJ Mag.

Strick joins some well established company on NKC's hard-drum time machine that is Even The Strong. This is his communicative message as he takes time off from the walls of club land, as if to signal what to expect when he returns. Carefully fine-tuned and pulsating throughout, there is an almost addictive feel to Strick's coarse rhythms that are set up to catch dancers from within.

Discover the extended Strick catalogue here: sstrickk.bandcamp.com/