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Posted on February 24, 2022

FRESH JUICE: TOOFTRAX202 by Tooflez All Stars

Berlin's Tooflez Muzik land the next installment of their All Stars series, TOOFTRAX202 - Sonic Transmissions for the Resistance.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

A 7 track thriller of zorbing electro and ghetto tech filled with nods to the original Detroit and New York sounds.

Available to buy and stream now: tooflezmuzik.bandcamp.com/album/tooftrax202-sonic-transmissions-for-the-resistance

Describing themselves as more than just a label, Tooflez is a movement striving to break down the barriers of modern day music culture and breathe new life into the communal nature that we all as creatives hold so dear. With their musical weapons of restoration at hand, the collective are closing the gap on gender and racial diversity within their community and beyond by sharing skills, knowledge, and equipment with those working in their environment. A co-operative collective if you will, and to boot they have an ever growing discography with a roster including the likes of jpeg.love, DJ Karawai, AK Sports, & more.

The latest release from the crew running the show brings together an abundance of retro electro feels with it. A1 (VIP) opens up proceedings with a flapping cyborg synth line and sharp fills that notches up the aggression with each turn as clone trooper blasters fill the air.

A2 picks up where A1 left off continuing the voyage through hyperspace with a block rocking 808 rhythm alongside dark synths and keys throughout. Reminiscent of an early Afrika Bambaataa production.

A3 (FEEL ITCHY - HAVE A SCRATCH) rounds off this side with a distorted snippet into the brain child of Tooflez with samples featuring pioneering electro heads, MJ and more, giving a brief audal illustration of the collective's world.

tooflez album art

The flip side kickstarts with a chasing ghetto tech slapper with swift two steps and edged brass and b-boy samples that fling forward with ticking hats to create a thrilling electro infused whack.

B2 (OCU) flips up a street fighter electro roller that packs a real punch. Another club astute track that journeys through the ages of electro to leave all listeners stuck in a momentous shuffle. B2 gets a Midi Kidz flip on the follow up with a raging racer edition. Full throttle speed with a rip-roaring bassline to fuel the dooming synth keys.

The digi bonus track wraps up the EP finishing where it started with a rework of track A1. A slightly more bass friendly rendition of the doomsday prepper mood that the sounds kicked off with. Cyborg energy throughout!

A rifling assimilation of 808 and peppery synth work on this latest triumph from the Berlin based Tooflez crew. The fusion between the old and new school sounds is a breath of fresh air primed for the darker world of clubbing. You'll be hearing a lot of this in our sets, that is for sure.

The digital and Vinyl release is now available and you can view the rest of the Tooflez discography here: tooflezmuzik.bandcamp.com/music