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Posted on september 27, 2023

FRESH JUICE: ‘Floating Mists, Warm Vistas’ by Vell

Boiled Wonderland Records co-founder Vell debuts on the imprint with a string of techno mutations on the ‘Floating Mists, Warm Vistas’ EP, with a rave embodied remix from Dubai’s Rudoh.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: https://vellmusic.bandcamp.com/album/floating-mists-warm-vistas-w-rudoh-remix

Deep and connective in nature, Vell’s production debut amasses humming basslines, forceful kicks, and acidic synth works with drifting instrumental intermissions & spatial sounds from city zones and disconnected outerworlds. An energetic journey through three tracks relating to the club but not isolated by it, the UK native drifts through glazy late night feels before Rudoh opens up his own narrative.

Title-track ‘Floating Mists, Warm Vistas’ opens up the EP’s dystopian outlook, with its future facing two step shuffle that’s given texture by bubbling acidic synth lines and weighted bass. Vocal droplets add a club mystique as the track spirals within its arps and cognitive backdrops.

‘Powerful Cool’ trips through the chug zone around the lower bpms. Playful percussive patterns are embedded into warm, rotating key melodies, flirting with mechanical noise and tribal flow.

Vell cover pic

(Pictured: Vell)

‘Burning Trees’ embodies a very noticeable natural energy as it initiates with echoing horns and shadowing, stimulating vocals. Again, Vell’s attention to weight and detail in his percussive outlet collides seamlessly with the sonic backgrounds created, with a chasing acid line and thick breakbeat allowing the track to blossom.

Rudoh breathes new life into the former on the EP’s closing number. A more physical rave construction compared to the original, he brings a forceful break arrangement into the mix with vocal stabs that lean somewhat into the jungle sphere, all the while maintaining the organic elements put in place by Vell.

A terrific debut work from the now Bangkok based Vell who continues to push forward the trajectory of Boiled Wonderland. Recent releases on the label in DOTT’s jackin’ epic ‘Sense of Tension’ and Sarayu’s forward-thinking bass on ‘Intelligent Jump Rope Music’ have steered the label into a well respected category within global club circles. Get to know. There’s plenty in store from this lot.

Discover the extended Boiled Wonderland catalogue here: https://boiledwonderland.bandcamp.com/music