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Posted on May 7, 2022

FRESH JUICE: 'Based On Your Listening History' by Viikatory

International Chrome mainstay and master of the electro dark arts, Viikatory continues to rampage on 'Based On Your Listening History'.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

(Buy/ Listen here) raiders.bandcamp.com/album/viikatory-based-on-your-listening-history

Landing on the ever fruitful Berlin imprint 'Raiders', Viikatory's intergalactic take on all things electro is once more the point of issue on this spell-binding 4 tracker. Described by the label as 'Uberzone meets DJ Godfather in a space elevator heading to a rave in low earth orbit', the Bellarussian's cosmic yet defiant touch pulsates with every release.

Opening track 'Lesson 1' exudes an outer space energy from the get go with its atmospheric background and forward moving shuffle beats. A real voyager of a track that drifts between Detroit fossilings and ambient soundscapes that are maintained at a high club speed.

Title track 'Based On Your Listening History' brings in Raiders co-founder and Berliner 'jpeg.love' for a booty bass floor-filler. A sensual affair that demands all butts to be shaken, Viikatory and jpeg.love collide their respective electro and ghetto styles managing to meet somewhere in the middle. It's cheeky, hot, raunchy, and boy does it go hard!

Viikatory cover pic

Armoured with heavy use of the 808, 'Assigned To Main Mix' packs the tightest punch on the EP with its storming basslines and cheeky vocal samples. An overall dark electro smash hit that paces at Autobahn speed alongside some old school trinkets.

Closing out, 'From 00' typifies the Viikatory sound that we have come to be familiar with on her past International Chrome releases. Computer voices are bedded within the dark and stormy electro bites, featuring further a commanding bassline with cautioning backgrounds and balls to the walls 808.

A sound that can't be tamed, Viikatory amps up the pressure with this release showcasing her range in all things electro and ghetto tech. The first solo entry on the exciting Raiders imprint after a string of V/A releases, Viikatory is steering them in the right direction with 'Based On Your Listening History'.

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