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Posted on March 21, 2022

FRESH JUICE: Double Knee by Whistle & Klont

German imprint ANUS Records return from their brief hiatus with a thundering release from Dutch duo Whistle & Klont.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

A 4 track thriller that spans bass, techno, footwork, and jungle. Rich with high octane sounds from open to close.

Buy/ Stream here: anusrecords.bandcamp.com/album/double-knee-ep

Based in Utrecht and Rotterdam respectively, Whistle & Klont combine on this record to engineer tense destructive club weapons that you can instantly feel violently ricocheting off the walls of a dark room. Having both studied at the same high school, growing up merely towns apart, and appearing in the same punk band (albeit at different times) during their youth, a meeting of the pairs' minds was primed. A similar sense of humour and love for unconventional music has allowed them to clash together and muscle out the sound bending breaks and textures that they have become known for.

Opening track 'Wasted' announces itself with a fully charged bass energy that hovers above snappy rave breaks and fluctuating effects, with vocal snippets that echo in and out consistently. This distorted sound rubs up the right way against the well structured kicks and bass for a sound that drifts between dubstep, bass and future garage.

Lead single 'Keelas' is a real pace tester that races along with bouncing footwork rhythms and alarming synth lines. Weighted bass lines add a thick texture to the track which breaks down with energetic 90's rave melodies before returning to boiling point.

ANUS records cover pic

The rapid 'At Days End' becomes trapped in a battle between breakcore and dubstep that yields dramatic effects. Catapulting breaks and bass weave through each other for another slamming sound that would test the foundations of any room.

'Aaeiaiaeia' takes a flapping vocal sample that runs along another tight dubstep bass design. Background hats and cymbals flutter as the energy of the track presses itself at each turn. A mammoth sound to ride out this wall of noise from Whistle & Klont.

The initial project from the duo was lost due to a malfunctioning laptop, with this second effort adding greater grit and drama to the original workings according to the label. It makes for a frightening collection of club trax that journey through the darker realms of electronic music. This is the end product of lengthy video calls, working apart from each other and constantly firing ideas to one another. The volume of the tracks gives off the impression that the pair were really testing the barriers of what they could achieve with this sound.

The result is a 4 track triumph of blitzkrieg and terror ridden breaks, bass and more! We want to hear more Whistle & Klont, that is for sure.

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