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Posted on September 2, 2022

FRESH JUICE: WZY 2.5 by Woozy

Champions of the Irish bass sound, Woozy returns with its second V/A installation featuring 8 tracks of bass, dubstep and hard drum with entrants from Ireland and beyond.

Words by Oisín Campbell/ Design by Michael Savage

Buy/ Stream here: woozydublin.bandcamp.com/album/wzy25

Founded and directed by well-respected selector and curator EMA of Skin & Blister and Yamamori Tengu (formerly alongside Sputnik One), Woozy has grown vastly in stature over the last two years. Churning out some of the most cutting edge UK influenced bass music, productions have come from rising acts from that spectrum with entrants such as Glimmerman, Yussh, and Coe among other bass masters.

WZY 2.5 combines well drilled bass, DnB, jungle, and dub rolls from acts based across Europe, North America, and the imprints native Ireland featuring two debut productions from Ambit and Eich.

woozy cover pic

2.5 opens up with Dublin's Ambit as she marks a debut release with 'Act Of Goodness'. A warpy dubstep chugger that reverberates with tightly screwed breaks and monstrous bass lines.

Another Dublin staple in Plus One follows up on 'Trial', highlighting a moodier side to his usual atmospheric production style. Serving up at a halftime tempo, there is still a pacy feel to this bass-ridden chaser.

UK based Huna lands next with 'Lang'. A drum and bass influenced stepper that epitomizes the true Woozy sound. Unadulterated bass for murky and poorly lit bases. 'Lang' grows further in weight with each passing breakdown, cementing Huna's growing prowess after his recent standout release on the promiscuous CloudCore.

London bass label More Cowbell's Eitch keeps the foot firmly on the bass and kicks on 'Induction'. Low-end trinkets and inimitable vocalling combine to create a real hot plate that maintains a shuffling groove that rattles throughout.

Vancouver's Destrata continues to pulsate on 'Amphibian Barrier' after recent successes on the INDEXLIFE and eatmybeat imprints. The off-time kicks morph delicately into the throbbing bass line and exterior percussion which energize from start to finish.

'Grumpy Cat' reverts to darker percussive elements as Amsterdam's Jasmín creates a robust yet minimal kick healthy groove. The panel shaking background effects create an eerie yet intoxicating feel before being met by a blissful synth line that carves out some beauty in an otherwise dark room friendly track.

New Yorker Sobolik flips the switch once more on the driving breakbeat number that is 'Deadly', and deadly it is. Glitchy breaks and bass lines that lean on seemingly heavy then heavier kicks fuse the track into a real weapon in the already vicious Woozy arsenal.

WDDS is given the honour of closing out WZY 2.5 with a steady jungle/ DnB fusion on 'Slow Burner'. Starting off reserved and eerie, it is then followed by a tribal drum trail that lays the foundation for sharp, reappearing amen breaks and bass morphs. A true bass delight.

EMA cover pic
(Pictured: Woozy label head EMA)

Still only in the morning of its existence, Woozy is creating some real depth on what is now its 3rd release in 2 years. EMA's knack for combining the right artists at the right time on the imprint is no surprise given her already valued esteem as a curator and selector. These are truly intoxicating drum tracks with a healthy dose from the Irish reserve and some exciting contributions from further afield.

Discover the extended Woozy catalogue here: woozydublin.bandcamp.com/