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Posted on 21 march, 2024

PREMIERE: 20 Sevens - Honest

Florida act '20 Sevens' breathes new life on London's Tobago Tracks with a soundscape of life on 'Here I am here I am here I am, so glad you are so glad you are so glad you are'.

5 tracks that narrate a tumultuous time in the artist's journey, 20 Sevens sincerely portrays the emotions involved in the challenging student life exploring themes of desire, longing, fear, distrust and letting go.

'Honest' travels through almost all of these feelings at once, flirting with highs and lows, creating an atmosphere of reflection and uncertainty. Sprawling with guitars, keys, in-depth synths, and flickering vocals, it's a track that should strike a chord with almost any listener given it's vulnerability and looseness.

The EP lands in full on March 29th with pre-order available here: https://20sevens.bandcamp.com/album/here-i-am-here-i-am-here-i-am-so-glad-you-are-so-glad-you-are-so-glad-you-are 🌱