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Posted on february 6, 2024

PREMIERE: chhabb - Mumbai Daydreamer

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Antariksh Records presents 'From The River To The Sea' Various Artists Compilation, releasing on February 9th.

Buy here: antarikshrecords.bandcamp.com/album/from…ompilation 🌱

'We cannot cure the world of the disease of othering, but we can definitely try, and so we will'.

The Delhi based label brings together 13 club-ready trax from city residing artists, with all proceeds made going to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

A message from the label;

While this release is focussed on helping the people of Gaza, the plague of oppression and violence is not bound by geographies and runs deep within systems of imperialist, colonial and fascistic violence. We stand against such structures of power - whether in Gaza or closer home.

While this release is sadly curative, it is also optimistically preventive. Music heals and if we can help in healing even a part of the collective suffering of humanity then we shall strive to do so at any given level. In the light of the recent developments wherein increasing number of countries have stopped funding the UNRWA and their relief efforts towards Palestinians in Gaza, we would be donating all proceeds collected via this release to the @unrwa.

Our expression of healing is through music and sound. We would like to extended our thanks to all the artists for their valuable contribution towards this healing. May this release bring a little peace to the world.