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Posted on february 13, 2024

PREMIERE: Mercy System - I'll Know

Stream I'll Know on our SoundCloud

Different Intel returns with 4 dark and dynamic club tracks by Mercy System.

‘Dials’ delves into a grittier and more aggressive rendition of his sound, carefully blurring the lines between techno, broken beats and dubstep through innovative production techniques, whilst preserving his distinctive intricate and textured style. Despite the exploration of diverse influences, the release doesn't shy away from the allure of the original dubstep sound, seamlessly integrating its essence to serve its purpose within a club environment. Amidst its pulsating intensity and overall grimness, this excursion remains a poignant tribute to the post-industrial ambiance of Greater Manchester.

Our featured premiere ‘I’ll Know’ rides on dark grooves of dystopian acidic squelches before immersing in thick ridged breakdowns of breaks & bass.

The EP drops in full on Feb 23rd here: https://differentintel.bandcamp.com/album/dials-ep 🌱