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Posted on february 24, 2024

PREMIERE: Pralaya - Bounce It On The Floor

Stream Bounce It On The Floor on our SoundCloud

Bogota's Fourtwenty Sound launches new project Sonora Destroy Records, a new window for electronic music in LATAM and Spain seeking to banish the boundaries between genres that define these areas.

Hybrid Pulse marks the first release on the series, a global V/A mining works from specialist artists in the fields of techno, electro, footwork, perreo, guaracha, baile, Latin Tek, & beyond with features from heavyweights in the areas like SLACK 1NE, Slow Rolla, and Noisy Wilson across 19 tracks.

Our featured premiere comes from footwork & juke specialist Pralaya who bangs the box with 'Bounce It On The Floor'. A super-sonic booty twister melding footwork rhythms with electro panelling and a a flux of 808.

The full-length V/A drops on March 1st here: https://sonoradestroyrecs.bandcamp.com/album/hybrid-pulse-v-a 🌱