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Posted on March 30, 2021

Plant Bass'd Takeover 009: Midnight Bass

With only our second ever Edinburgh collaboration, we are very excited to bring you Midnight Bass as our takeover guest for week 9!

Scotland's biggest drum and bass night, Midnight Bass is a community-focused party, which runs weekly in independent venues @bongoclub.edinburgh and @the_berkeley_suite, Glasgow, respectively.

The ethos of the club night - a commitment to supporting local DJs, new talent and bringing artists from all across the Drum & Bass scene together.

Recent guests have included @yazzus__, @charlibrix, @drumandbassi, @indikamcr, @r3dxdj, and @mrsmagoo_dnb.

The club night was set to host a @boilerroomtv Bass & Percs feature on St. Patrick's Day of 2020 which was called off just as the pandemic took hold.

Now entering their 4th Year, Midnight Bass are working towards showcasing the work of local producers.

They recently released a Scotland V/A compilation featuring new & emerging drum & bass producers.

We're very excited to share a bumper edition this week of 15 tunes that the Midnight Bass crew are ready to hear played out once their club space returns. We hope to collaborate again real soon.

Strictly Breaks and Drum n Bass.

  1. Refracta - Justice
  2. Degs, Nu:Tne, Charli Brix - The Connection
  3. Arfa - Break3
  4. OHARE - No Time
  5. Creatures, Wingz - Tactical Advantage
  6. Anile - Juno's Position
  7. Whytwo - Armour
  8. Data 3 - Molecular
  9. QZB - Nautilus
  10. Wndwsum - Whoevers Bed This Was
  11. Hex - Rewind
  12. Phinnegan, Louwho - Vertigo
  13. Echo Brown - Show You
  14. Monty - Quest
  15. John B - Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)

Link to playlist: Plant Bass'd Picks.

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