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Posted on April 5, 2021

Plant Bass'd Takeover 010: Plantbassd & pals

It is a year yesterday since we were set to stage Organized Noise 001, out the back of Seamie's in sweet sweet Monaghan.

Unfortunately we are still awaiting to kickstart our party series in Monaghan and beyond but we are determined to bring these shows to you as soon as it is safe to do so.

For a special feature this week, the lineup for Organized Noise share the tunes they would be playing for you all were the gig to go ahead.

Picks from @fonzatronza (@sun.set.ships.music), @doubleduv_ (@houz_music, @_blutooth), and @soundslikebozo (@dublindigitalradio, @phevertv).

Some selekts shared from the plant Bass'd crew along the way too.

Rave ready sounds. We will be sharing selekts from the 3 guests as the week goes on. First up is Fonzo!

  1. Balthazar - Losers (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
  2. Boundary - Las rosas en el límite del noventa y ocho
  3. Tomas Barfod - Hope in a Box
  4. Laurence Guy - Saw You for the First Time
  5. Fort Romeau - Secrets & Lies
  6. DJ Seinfeld - U
  7. Angelov - Retrida
  8. Interplanetary Criminal - Sensational (Breaka Remix)
  9. Equinox - Direct Drive
  10. Bou, Trigga - Veteran
  11. Murlo, Conducta - Together
  12. FJAAK - Don't Leave Me
  13. Daniel Avery - Drone Logic
  14. Audio Bullys - We Don't Care
  15. Blawan - Iddy
  16. Tessela - Hackney Parrot (10_ton_remix)

Link to playlist: Plant Bass'd Picks.

Graphics by: @eggboy_design