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Posted on November 17, 2021

Plant Bass'd Takeover 018: Rory Sweeney

Next up on our Playlist takeover is multi-genre wiz Rory Sweeney!

A seemingly constant releaser, Rory is known to dip between the realms of jungle, trap, hip-hop, Garage & more.

His latest work under the Carlos Danger alias featured on our Fresh Juice series, and he has contributed sounds to the recent @city_impd5 & @vsn_world V/A compilations. He is also a frequent collaborator with Dublin's ever energetic @julialouiseknifefist.

One third of the @bittentwicecollective, Sweeney has made a name for himself within Dublin's underground electronic sound, and the constant variation within his productions has made him into one of Ireland's most exciting producers in a very short period of time.

  1. DJ Kelvin El Sacamostro - Perra Palga
  2. MIKE - at thirst sight by Assia
  3. Dark0 - Storm_Earth
  4. Warhol.SS - Go Get It
  6. Ted Kamal - Coochie
  7. Machette - Next Call
  8. Machinedrum - GBYE
  9. Human Part - ALL I WANNA DO IS (TAKE UR $$$)
  10. Suzi Analogue, RP Boo - She's Gonna

10 tasty seleçions in this edition. Expect trap, hip-hop, ghetto tech, footwork & more: Plant Bass'd Picks.

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