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Posted on May 11, 2021

Plant Bass'd Takeover 012: Skin and Blister

For takeover number 12 we have Dublin collective, Skin & Blister!

With a focus on platforming Dublin's female, trans and non-binary creatives within music & arts, the Skin & Blister team are breaking boundaries within the capital and creating more opportunities for all through discussion, workshops and events.

Having established themselves mid-pandemic, the tax felt by many creatives during this time has not seen the growth of the Skin & Blister movement suppressed. In a time when many people have struggled to find inclusivity, the collective (all of whom are female DJs and designers) have created what is for now an online solution, that will without doubt grow into an influential physical space in Dublin with plans to stage DJing workshops, talks, open deck sessions, as well as club nights of their own.

It is clear how valuable such a space will become once clubland returns to Dublin's currently dejected scene with @yamamoritengu set to become the place of worship for the project. Although it is not a foreign subject to the city with other collectives and events helping to push forward in this area, there is still not enough being done within the city or opportunities being made available for safe and equal dance floors, which S&B aims to correct.

So far, we have seen the 'Skin & Blister in Conversation' series bring interesting discussions around creative identity and introductions to DJing with industry heads like @akhhd and @caitfa respectively. This year's International Women's Day seen the crew alongside @allcityrecordsandlabel host a special virtual all-vinyl stream with Dublin selectors @rdeaaane, @cheriereeta, @crispyletttuce, @laeti_dee, and @chloefarquhar. On top of this, we are treated each week to the S&B mix rotation, which highlights sets from members as well as other female, trans & non-binary DJs that have caught their recent attention.

  1. RAMZi - coeur dodu
  2. Talik - Can You Feel It Spark
  3. CNDSD - Primal Urge
  4. Azu Tiwaline, Cinna Peyghamy - Tight Wind
  5. Clara! - Acero
  6. Karima F - Falconhoof
  7. Anz - Morphing into Brighter
  8. LCY - Teeth
  9. Alexis Andrews - Tesseract
  10. Yushh - Team Boot

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Graphics: @eggboy_design Words: @obruvver