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E.DN - Top 10 Picks Of The Year

Rising high amongst a new wave of promising young Edinburgh techno producers, E.DN has enjoyed a steady rise over the last number of years becoming a mainstay with major party series Nightvision and securing slots supporting acts like FRAZIER and forthcoming dates alongside Tommy Holohan and VTSS. Here are his top 10 favourite dance releases of 2022:

artist press pic

1. Lars Huisman - Echo

Lars Huisman - Echo cover art

Easily my most played track this year and my favourite release from Shdw & Obscure Shapes new label Mutual Rytm, echo is a charging groove banger.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

2. Chlär - A Brighter Future

Chlär - A Brighter Future cover art

Everything from Chlär this year has been amazing but this track on Julian Mullers Nali has a real special vibe to it for me.

Listen here: Spotify

3. D.Dan - Raw Jam

D.Dan - Raw Jamcover art

Raw Jam is techno, no messing about just a raw synth and drum machine, it shows how simple it can be while keeping things interesting and is an amazing layer tool.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

4. Narciss- Lovechild (Outrun Mix)

Narciss- Lovechild (Outrun Mix) cover art

I like to feel things through the music I play and listen to and Narciss never fails to bring emotion into their work.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

5. Rove Ranger - Soap

Rove Ranger - Soap cover art

Soap is a fun and bouncy track with really nice syncopated percussion and a simplistic but charging lead, it always goes down well.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

6. Neo - Next To You (Casual Treatment Remix)

Neo - Next To You (Casual Treatment Remix) cover art

An absolutely stunning remix by Casual Treatment, totally hypnotic and emotive, this was an instant buy for me as soon as I heard it.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

7. Umwelt- Dead Eyes Society LP

Umwelt- Dead Eyes Society LP cover art

Probably one of the most anticipated releases of the year for me after hearing monnom label boss Dax J teasing various tracks over the last year.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

8. Vanquished - M. bison

Vanquished - M. bison cover art

M. Bison by Vanquished (definitely not Dax J) is an acid fuelled euphoric beat reminiscent of strings of life.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

9. Chontane - Flux

Chontane - Flux cover art

Dub Techno with hardgroove percussion is something I've become very fond on this year and flux is a track I always find myself going back to, Chontane's recent release with Mutual Rytm is also incredible.

Listen here: YouTube

10. MRD - Sala

MRD - Sala cover art

Back on Nali, Sala by MRD is another super high energy groove based track.

Listen here: Spotify