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Maveen - Top 10 Picks Of The Year

Founder of Glasgow's Shakara imprint, Maveen delves through his top dance selects of the year

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1. Joy Orbison - 2M3 2U

Joy Orbison - 2M3 2U

Wobbler, is the word I would choose to describe this tune. It was a toss up between this and Joy O's other release Pinky ring, but 2M3 2U has been my weapon of choice

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2. DJ Plead - Quick E.P

DJ Plead - Quick E.P cover art

Livity Sound has been the staple record label for forward thinking and percussive club music and this release is exactly that. Similar to his other release with Anunaku a while back, Plead continues the same infectious and melodic middle eastern rhythms he's well known for

Favourite Track - Louca & EI Es

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3. DBBD x Miss Bashful - Slut Bopz Vol. I

DBBD x Miss Bashful - Slut Bopz Vol. I

If Peaches and Miss Kitten & the Hacker ever got together and made an album this would be the outcome

Favourite Track - Muschi Muschi, Mini Skirts on Men or Island Hopin'

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4. Pouch Envy - VIP CLUB EDITS VOL. 2

Pouch Envy - VIP CLUB EDITS VOL. 2

Playful and packed with club friendly edits that unite the dance-floor

Favourite Track - Die Another Day, No Men, Twerkulator

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5. Skin on Skin - Burn Dem Bridges

Skin on Skin - Burn Dem Bridges

Highly anticipated Grime inspired Techno release from Skin On Skin that really took over this year

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6. Akash91 - Akash 91 Edits

Akash91 - Akash 91 Edits

From Breaks, Bass, Jungle and everything in-between, this EP has you covered and flew under the radar for most.

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7. Pj Bridger - Pj Dubs 03

Pj Bridger - Pj Dubs 03

Another gem, PJ Bridger took four classics and gave them a new lease of life

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8. Raiders - Vol. 1 Remixed

Raiders - Vol. 1 Remixed

Can't fault this remix album from Berlin collective Raiders - Nothing but Bangers

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9. Miss Kitten & The Hacker - Third

Miss Kitten & The Hacker - Third

Undeniably for me this is the best dance release of the year!

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10. Ahadadream - Homecoming

Ahadadream - Homecoming

What a release this was! Percussive heavy and UK-Funky infused - everything I need and more

Favourite Track - Piano Skank, Peak

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