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Michael Savage - Top 10 Releases of 2021

Lots of euphoric electronic sounds in Michael's top picks this year. He spent a lot of time with some feel-good house, breakbeats, and club music with some room for heavies along the way.

Michael Savage
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1. Shire T - Tomorrow's People (Dama Dama Music)

Shire T album cover art

My album of the year, Tomorrow's People is incredibly futuristic and nostalgic. Not a moment gone to waste in this bustling soundscape that glues together UK Garage, breakbeat, acid house and more! We've got some serious dancefloor fillers in the form of Full Attention, Blue Kiss, and Burnin' Jungle.

At the tail end of this album, we say farewell with London. Paris. Berlin. and Serve No Tea. Delightful piano melodies. This is a must-listen.

Read More on www.quipmag.com/shire-t-arrives-in-style-with-debut-solo-album-tomorrows-people/.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/4mYXAyo9ja4AzTBv4NEWHE?si=d2a974f218524eea

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2. Eris Drew - Quivering In Time (T4T LUV NRG)

Eris Drew EP cover art

Samples, tricks, vocal chops, sound effects condensed into a restless hour of music story-telling. This album is rich with life and each song acts a mini-mix as they evolve over their track life.

Drew and her partner, Octo Octa, have a vast knowledge of rave music and they have plenty they want to share with the world. This album is so expressive of their feelings and it becomes more pleasurable to listen to when you learn some context to who they are and what they do. Extra Reading on pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/eris-drew-quivering-in-time/.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/20droT4qrvOsNlAhUpuI2r?si=f07f9191e9604036

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3. Laurence Guy - Your Good Times Are Here (Shall Not Fade)

Laurence Guy EP cover art

Your Good Times Are Here has two feel-good House thumpers accompanied by slowed-down reflections.

Tracks 1 & 3 capture the celebration of moving to normality again through dance music while tracks 2 & 4 offer a sombre retrospective look at the past two years.

I adore this EP and it ultimately makes me feel more positive after each listen.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/7p005fFE6WApBKPjHvjD4J?si=4b7e906f3d0e40e3

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4. Lxury - Smart Digital Life (Lost Palms)

Lxury EP cover art

Lxury is one of my favourite artists. Each tune is a guaranteed joy to listen to. The London producer creates summery, easy-to-digest tracks that have some experimental features sprinkled here and there so I have high hopes for every new release. My expectations were matched and more for his latest EP as each track was oozing with euphoric bounciness.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/1ACPMDQtaCcIGfJ6OxCCuM?si=9705c1092e7f4fc2

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5. Blawan - Woke Up Right Handed (XL Recordings)

Blawan EP cover art

A dark brewing EP of monstrous and evolving sounds. There's an intense roaring low-end throughout that disregards club music conventions. Pioneering as ever, Blawan is leading his own path in terms of sound design.

There's something so mesmerizing about the textures and unique style that Blawan is recognizable for. Extra reading about his studio: "www.studiospc.de/project/blawan

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/29EqYPuLdMrl6sQwq4nh2X?si=f5728423f4d34b6f

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6. Roman Flugel - Cluttered Homes (Running Back)

Roman Flugel track cover art

Jack of all trades, Roman Flugel, is a multi-genre producer. He first landed on my radar after hearing the massive Italo dance hit, Garden Party, last year. Cluttered Homes sits upfront and noticeable in an otherwise melancholy and ambient EP. The track is dark too but is driven with more urgency. Helped along by a hypnotic acid line that I just can't get enough of.

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7. George Fitzgerald - Ultraviolet (Double Six Records)

George Fitzgerald track cover art

I fell in love with this track because of the way I first consumed it. It'll surprise me every time I hear it based on that initial experience I had. I was driving late across the country and stuck it on in the car and the gorgeous synths panned left and right across the speakers. I was stunned by how blissful it was.

FitzGerald says: “Ultraviolet came together over several long nights alone in the studio, dreaming about rushing to the furthest place I could imagine at the fastest speed possible. Firing through space at 1000s of miles an hour without moving.”

Read, Buy & Listen here: DominoMusic

8. Model Man (Self-titled LP) - (Mahogany Records)

Model Man LP cover art

“Harmony is the musical element that comes the most naturally to me.” Model Man's first album release is full to the brim with beautiful melodies fused with visceral energy. Model Man came from a Mormon upbringing so a lot of that classical gospel-like sound can be heard seeping through each track.

Religion and his moving on from that part of his life into rave culture play a huge part in the themes of this LP. Euphoric and nostalgic like Tomorrow's People.

Read More on www.thelineofbestfit.com/new-music/discovery/model-man-esc-holding-back.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/3nXapkwJPBvHDG5u3PLRGp?si=46f8b6af0b564fc2.

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9. India Jordan - Watch Out! (Ninja Tune)

India Jordans EP cover art

Pacey as f**k. Watch Out! Includes five sweeping tracks. India Jordan is receiving massive recognition for their efforts and I can't wait to see what they can come up with.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/6i9mPyro3eoFV0YgoX1qOI?si=8a4057b0e9c94433

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10. Another Chemical Love Story (Self-titled & Self-released Album)

ACLS EP cover art

Elliot Adamson's new project sees the release of nine mammoth tracks. The album samples some real groovy vocals and fits them into unforgettable club bangers.

There's much to love in this album but what stood out to me was the raw emotion and pure magic that's on display in Need A Friend, similar to For Those I Love.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/5TZGGFA1tCgKznomKDonLt?si=db242aaa362449e0

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