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Oisín - Top 10 Picks Of The Year

Editorial picks from Plant Bass'd co-founder oBrother/ OISÍN.

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1. Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - HARD09

Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - HARD09

Two of my favourite producers for some time now, Siu Mata & Amor Satyr trade in their pressing speed-baile for a 4 track UK fusion of their typical sounds. Intense bass tracks running at a wild pace.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

2. Ctrls - Your Data

Ctrls - Your Data cover art

Coming off the DJ Stingray backed Micron Audio, Ctrls 'Your Data' packs a full throttle whack of pure hard groove. Proper pumping energy, these are an absolute treat to play out.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

3. Ngoni Egan - Re Teng

Ngoni Egan - Re Teng

A mixed bag of electro whackers and soothing soundscapes from one of Ireland's brightest producers. 'Difaqane' and 'Gaborone West Groove' might just be two of the hardest tracks I've heard all year.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

4. Palidrone - Rattle V/A

Palidrone - Rattle V/A

An incredible first stab from well-respected Edinburgh party imprint Palidrone. Hard electro, funky bass, and UK techno wrapped into one with entries from the labels founding members.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

5. KAVARI - Suture

KAVARI - Suture

Barbaric thunder dubs from one of the most interesting acts around right now. KAVARI's ability to create such dense drum sounds and destructive glitch patterns have vaulted her a cut above the rest in the current hard dance scene.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

6. Neana - Bonus Beats

Neana - Bonus Beats

Neana's interpretation of what their 'b-sides' would sound like, and thankfully they've not been hidden away forever. An album-length collection of carnival-esque drum tracks that carry immense energy throughout.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

7. PLUS ONE - Midnight Dub Vol. 1

PLUS ONE - Midnight Dub Vol. 1

A standout year for Dublin native PLUS ONE, but this one stood out for me among his 3 or 4 solid releases. Inspired by old racing games from his youth, 4 signature pop tunes from the likes of Charli XCX and Rosalía are given a hyper step club reimagining. Pure horse power.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp



Been hooked on these guys this year. Addictively funky Latin inspired drum tracks. It's so simple but the energy created in the production is insane.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp



Club-hip hop hybrids from French-Moroccan outfit JANTES who I came across via Glasgow label Clan Destine a while back. Locked and stocked with rigid bass and eastern rhythms, it's a sound reminiscent of early M.I.A. Works both in the club and for street strutting in equal measure.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

10. Ten Years Lost - 100% Dissin You

Ten Years Lost - 100% Dissin You

A cracker from Glasgow producer Ten Years Lost that featured on Jensen Interceptor's International Chrome. A g-funk meets booty bass club ready flip of Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic' from the man behind the Mom's Spaghetti series and it's all kinds of fun!

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp