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Peter Toal - Top 10 Releases of 2021

Peter has been listening to a massive year of heavy low-end energy on strong percussive releases. Leftfield Bass and the whole Breakbeat sound is seeing huge movement and Peter was treated to some lethal tunes. Here's his top 10:

Peter Toal
artist press pic

1. INGI - Wrestle (Fly By Night Recordings)

INGI album cover art

Precise programmed drums hitting hard in this EP. Big fan of the use of the vocal chops and atmospheric mood. I reckon this would blow the place up of any club. Can't wait to hear it!

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/6pDeBVJKTyPqNOwAmXqdNU?si=5ec3fd6b3b3b4897

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

2. Kempston Hardwick - Mowbray Street (Lobster Theremin)

Kempston Hardwick EP cover art

Kempston Hardwick deserves so much more attention for his groovy tracks. His name stands out, the cover art is gorgeous, and he's releasing on powerhouse label, Lobster Theremin. The first track, Mowbray Street, will make you move your feet and that energy lets up.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/2c9cpUHeyLuo8Qwb8oDw7I?si=f14843feebb94b81

Buy & Listen here: LobsterTheremin

3. Jabberwocky - Inner Space (Future Disco)

Jabberwocky EP cover art

Inner Space includes two tasty singles. Inner Space and Apollo are meant for sunny festival weather! Super peppy and super fun tunes.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/1H0Cytl1hBgCJr6w5wY5kg?si=73929bbced1e444d

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

4. Sofia Kourtesis - Fresia Magdalena (Technicolour)

Sofia Kourtesis  EP cover art

Music for the soul, Fresia Magdalena takes us on a joyful trip throughout the album. Sofia has a beautiful singing voice and it's used so effectively to showcase her story telling.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/4spjVQuvIk5zgLKzGeZHLR?si=fcefc72a191349fe

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

5. Logic1000 - You've Got the Whole Night to Go (Because Music)

logic1000 EP cover art

Put this EP on, sit down, and zone out. Logic1000 is so good at creating hypnotizing harmonies and I love the clean Garage sound sitting neatly in the spacious production.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/37lk3qgO3DYCoSpeJpp3KR?si=cbb9e9b09c74463f

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

6. Sputnik One - Love From Above (Wisdom Teeth)

Sputnik One track cover art

Release of the year for me. I've been paying attention to everything Sputnik One has been putting out.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/7G22ojyVwgZvqwEIhAlPMN?si=1e602ebf607e46f2

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

7. Tom VR - Please Keep Shimmering (All My Thoughts)

Tom VR cover art

Artist in more ways than one, TOM VR created 10 quality tracks as well as painting the album art. This release has been in the works for a while according to Tom VR so there are no shortcuts.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/4M7bnpKyvmXMuoZe10hnki?si=44bc352bdc444efa

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

8. Jack Ward - My Angel Rocks 4th & Back (Philly's Dawn Chorus Mix)

Jack Ward cover art

Our friend, Jack Ward, was treated to a superb remix by Philly Dawn. The mix keeps the same themes of the original mix but just adds some extra chorus goodness.

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

9. Nicolas Duque - Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol. 6 (Breaks 'N' Pieces)

Nicolas Duque EP cover art

Deep House, Breaks, and plenty of rave sounds.

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/5wjT41YPO3yzg09cun7ErL?si=6128b30f4afc4460

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp

10. THUGWIDOW - Post Modern (Sneaker Social Club)

THUGWIDOW EP cover art

Serious energy throughout. Check it out!

Favourite track? open.spotify.com/track/7tr7SA0R0SmErK0KamRJ2O?si=a604874af1ca4259

Buy & Listen here: Bandcamp