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Xivro - Top 10 Picks Of The Year

Club Sylkie boss and Central Belt stalwart, Xivro guides us through all things bass, breaks and downtempo

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1. Lithe - 92 Ends

Lithe - 92 Ends

Lithe was a favourite producer for me in 2022, so I've loved hearing their new directions in 2023 too. This EP really summarises a sound I've been obsessed with this year, harsh drum focused rhythms that mix in with a UK techno sound aesthetic and atmosphere, super hypnotic. Big tip as it's out on one of my favourite labels too, Meld.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

2. Bluetoof - INFA001

Bluetoof - INFA001 cover art

The first release on Bluetoof's new imprint is certainly a memorable one for me and has immediately put the label on my radar for a lot of good reasons. The appeal of this EP to me somewhat mirrors why I find myself drawn to Lithe's release, a melding of heavy club sounds, slick production, and heavy drum rhythms makes this release one of my most played!

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

3. Bitter Babe & Nick Leon - Delirio EP

Bitter Babe & Nick Leon - Delirio EP

If I could've, I would've probably put Nick León on every single one of my top ten releases of the year. His output has been criminally good, and with each release I find myself leaning further into his sound. The standout for me has to be his collaborative EP with fellow Miami based artist Bitter Babe. Leaning into hard drum, abrasive techno tones, but infusing then with reggaeton and dembow styles and rhythms has created a sound I love to hear in the club, and love to listen to literally all the time

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4. Toma Kami - Amapicante

Toma Kami - Amapicante

Big club favourite for me! I've spent the last 4 years or so totally addicted to Livity Sound's output, over 2022 I've actually not kept as up to date with their releases as usual, but I truly couldn't get enough of this EP by Toma Kami. I've rinsed this absolutely everywhere I've been and fully intend to continue doing so. A really strong release that edges around experimental and stripped back compositions, notably tinged with club potential and super intricate rhythms

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

5. Stone - Earth FF

Stone - Earth FF

3 X L has been a stand out label for me through 2022 - allowing me to drift into ASMR like pools of ambient sound. Stone's Earth FF album is totally mesmerising, and offers a listening experience that keeps you on your toes - something I feel can at times go amiss with music described as ambient.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

6. exael - Ice That Melts The Tips

exael - Ice That Melts The Tips

I am obsessed with this because it is so serene and immersive and, crucially, at times, so terrifying. Turbulent breaks of insane tempos and chilling atmospherics, this really freaks me out but I cannot stop listening to it. Love that it was released when it was really fucking hot in the UK so it kinda feels like a fever dream in my memory, too hot yet too cold, always turning.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

7. Dome Zero - Chewing The Scenery

Dome Zero - Chewing The Scenery

Super raw, dark sounds from an all time favourite of mine - Dome Zero. This emulates the style of music I'd love to play out more - glitchy, somewhat scary, mind melty

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

8. Belia Winnewisser - Mother Earth Took Poison In Her Soil

Belia Winnewisser - Mother Earth Took Poison In Her Soil

Everything Bella Winnewisser does has me obsessed. Her work, especially on this EP, lies between fairy-core esque softness, dressed in detailed sound design, and club influenced danceability. For me, the result is an enhancing listen that invites the listener into an unexpected world

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

9. Michael J. Blood - AS IS

Michael J. Blood - AS IS

This year I think I spent about 20% of my income on trains, so I spent a lot of time on trains. I listened to this album, mainly, on trains. It feels a perfect companion for a late journey back home, or a bleary eyed morning commute, catchy and intense enough to hold you for a while, but loose and sketch-like enough to let yourself breeze through

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

10. KAVARI - Suture EP

KAVARI - Suture EP

The sheer amount of music put out by Scottish labels and artists this year has been phenomenal, and the quality of all of it has blown me away, making it nearly impossible to pick out just one to include on this list. For me, KAVARI's self released Suture EP is essential. An intense listen which demonstrate her stylistic prowess, melding together demonic amen breaks, abrasive textures, and the darkest of club styles to create an EP which is feels addictive, intricate, and embodied

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp