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Under the Radar - April

Cash in on the splendours of April this Bandcamp Friday with titan releases from Grandmixxer, Martyn & more


A snapshot into Ireland’s thriving club network, GASH returns with a selection of productions from an all star cast of minority artists making waves throughout the nation. Step forward Roo Honeychild, E THE ARTIST, DJ Boyfriend and more, as they delve into clubbed up pumps, euphoric waves and deconstructed synergies on the ELLLL and dj Lolz backed imprint.

‘Los Vientos de Santa Ana’ by DJ Fucci x Benfika (WVWV)

DJ Fucci and Benfika take inspiration from a recent visit to the Mexican city of Tijuana. A trip where they encountered extreme weather conditions and acts of violence that scar Mexican society, ‘Los Vientos de Santa Ana’ sums up the tensions and challenges of the living situation in Tijuana with a series of deeply charged club fusions.

Standout Track: ‘Vientos de Santa Ana’

‘Esquirlas Vol. 2’ by HiedraH Club de Baile

Buenos Aires based Hiedrah Club de Baile offer another serving of their ‘Esquirlas’ series. An ode from producers of the South American diaspora to their foundations of familiarities with the sounds of their home. Although minimal in their construction, each track carries with it a pulsating wave that feels deeper than HiedraH’s usual sought after sensual club affairs.

Standout Track: ‘ATRATR’ by Genosidra

‘Traces’ by Lucy Grey (MAJIA | AMOR)

Welsh born and Merseyside based, Lucy Grey bends sounds and minds on Houston, Texas label MAJIA AMOR. A glistening array of sonic ambient recordings and bass experimentation with robust remixing from Sines and Rabit. This is an extremely impressive release of unbounded electronica.

Standout Track: ‘Exhausting Myself’


The inimitable SLOUCHO took things up a notch with latest single ‘MEMORY WALK’. A fiery two-step bass number that pulsates with high energy vocal chops, sharp UKG-esque snares and rasping glitch effects. Get this to the club sharpish!

‘Dhol Tasha Drum Exercises from Maharashtra’ by DJ SMILEY BOBBY (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

A frantic journey into Indian soundsystem culture guided by its spearhead DJ SMILEY BOBBY. Consisting of two half-hour mixes, the release on Nyege Nyege delves into Indian rave mayhem with ceremonial drums taking centre stage amidst hard drum and breakcore rhythms. Unlike anything you’ll have heard before, believe that.

Trompe L’oeil/Drifting by Wheelman

Murky, dub-focused electro from the Glaswegian. Comprising lethal undercutting kicks that coincide with thick bass channeling and sinister vocal snippets on ‘Trompe L’oeil’ as well as boasting the steadied moody build of ‘Drifting’, Wheelman cements a real club-friendly darkness on this two-tracker.

Standout Track: ‘Trompe L’oeil’

‘Delivery’ by These Evil Streets

Sensual and hot as ever club dubs from These Evil Streets who blend UK funky with house rhythms amid sexxed up vogue tensions. Razor sharp throughout.

Standout Track: ‘Delivery (Kinesis)’

‘HYBRID’ by SLACK 1NE (Caballito Netlabel)

Deep-thrusting reggaeton and baile-house fusions from SLACK 1NE on the Granada based Caballito. The sound of LATAM that's on everyone’s hips is given another forward thinking club interpretation here.

Standout Track: ‘INTERCAMBIO’

‘Close Your Eyes (Jack Ward Remix)’ by DJ Q

Jack Ward is unleashed for 2023 with a blissful remixing of DJ Q’s ‘Close Your Eyes’. As always, the Limerick native brings an angelic club touch to the foreground.

‘Farewell’ by Prince Prada

Dublin hard-house aficionado Prince Prada packs another summer ready pumper with the lively ‘Farewell’. Elements of samba and piano house set the groove along a punchy 4x4 arrangement.

‘Rt Hon’ by Proc Fiskal (Hyperdub)

Edinburgh cult-figure Proc Fiskal returns to Kode9’s Hyperdub with more of his signature off-kilter bass and dubstep mutations. Very few can match Fiskal’s ability to chop and screw up beats in such a continuously indistinguishable way.

Standout Track: ‘Pic Of U’

'Charge' by Roska

Roska Kicks & Snares triumphs on its 150th release with the double headed ‘Charge’EP from the man himself, alongside Motu, and with melting vocals from Lu Re. Summer sizzling funky perfection, these are tracks to make you move.

Standout Track: ‘Lay Low’

‘Perfect Trust/Company’ by SOME GUEST & IFFI (Caballito Netlabel)

Another April release from Granada crew Caballito that we couldn't leave out. Polish duo SOME GUEST & IFFI discover connections in UK funky, baile funk, speed dembow and Polish hip-hop on ‘Perfect Trust/Company’. Unmissable sound that both intrigues and brings club dimensions to the forefront.

Standout Track: ‘Company’

‘Murk Mode Elevated’ by GRANDMIXXER

GRANMIXXER follows up December’s Murk Mode edition with Elevated. A grime and bass grandeur, the pivotal Londoner continues to prove his worth as one of the city’s underground elite with yet another pounding release.

Standout Track: ‘Lyrical Baser - Remix’

‘stray light’ by babystar (PLUS ONE)

Dublin’s PLUS ONE unlocks new alias babystar. Here he turns his attention to dreamier soundscapes and focusing layers of trance, hyperpop and deft trap rhythms, wrapping them around familiar trax from the likes of shygirl and Yung Lean.

Standout Track: ‘Miles (babystar version)’

‘Mille Morceau’ by DJ FINALE (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Nyege Nyege have spoiled us with two releases in April. DJ FINALE’s ‘Mille Morceau’ album delves into the history of his native Democractic Republic of Congo, taking in all things soukous (a form that developed from the emotiveness of jazz and the rhythms of the Cuban rumba in the 20th century) and forging them into complex dance tracks. A genuinely mind-blowing listen.

Standout Track: ‘Padou Aass Mixe’

‘Prism’ by The Orb

Maybe this release from The Orb was slap bang in the middle of your radar, but if it wasn’t it should have been! Prism is a diverse sounding album covering ambient, funk, house, drum’n’bass, and reggae territories. The group’s 18th offering is a mystic journey worth listening to in full.

Pulse E.P. by Peverlist (Livity Sound)

Livity Sound was founded by Peverlist and for its 60th release, they highlight the label's raw and exploratory strain of UK techno through tracks Pulse I, II, III, IV. The EP relies on minimal elements and well assembled percussion to create a euphoric single piece of work.

Standout Track: 'Pulse III'

Ton Tan E.P. by Stones Taro (Scuffed Records)

“An all-out assault of hoovers and upfront breaks” is your first introduction to the first track on this EP. The energy doesn’t let up throughout the three Stone Taro tracks with wicked vocal samples punching through. A lively Tim Reaper remix of the self-titled track finishes off this manic release.

Standout Track: Ton Tan

Teenage Dreams by DJ Heartstring

There's a bit of an exception being thrown for this DJ Heartstring EP because it's right in the spotlight. Five fantastical trance dance anthems in this one! Hard to say for us personally but could be one of our favourite releases of the year. Just pure good vibes on this one ready for your big Summer.


TQN005 by Space Dimension Controller

TQN005 stands out more for its imperfections and static sounding leftfield noise. A cool breezy EP with groovy basslines and funky riffs from the Belfast Producer

Standout Track: Big Shoe NRG

Something Bubbly / There You Go by Tsepo, Ineffekt (Intercept)

A big collaboration from Tsepo and Ineffekt here. The Dutch duo met last year at an Intercell club night and noticed how close their music tastes were. The fun adventurous and fun two-tracker holds distinct and invigorating flavours with mind melting basses.

AJ​^​6 by Martyn X Om Unit

Dubby, dreamy, and infectious sounds from Martyn and Om Unit (Philip D.) The American based artists first connected in 2020 with the release of The Passenger EP. They return to bring some bubbling bass sounds and exciting melodies that explore different tempos. These tracks are meant for some big wubby speakers.

Standout Track: 'The Trenches'