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Under the Radar - February

February’s short turn around churned out another stellar month of releases within clubland. Here are some of our standout picks amid some heat that you may have missed out on…

‘Pigs Do Fly’ by Fear-E (Super Rhythm Trax)

Floating yet forceful electro from the ever reliable Fear-E. A master or the raw club sound, ‘Pigs Do Fly’ exemplifies just that as the Glaswegian delivers 4 no-nonsense basement tracks.

Standout Track: ‘Colonel’

‘Tales From A Crazy Patch Part 2’ by Iwou (Late Night Skanking)

Well-polished house grooves from the Iwou trio. Fitting for those deeper warm up sets and early morning scenarios be it in the club or the gaff. Mind you, there’s still plenty of groove in there.

Standout Track: ‘33beat (VIP mix)’

‘Detroit Legacy Vol. 1’ by HC Records

Valencia-based HC Records pay homage to the Motor city, gathering artists from around the world to capture the influence of the Detroit legacy. Deep house, techno, and electro galore from the likes of N-Ter, Alex Martín and more.

Standout Track: ‘Remove Police’ by The Bandit

‘A Philosophy of Tracking’ by Legowelt

Dutch electro technician Legowelt shares his 2021 vinyl LP into the digital world. The production consists of 10 tracks all made with the Polyend TRACKER Legowelt edition, an instrument definitive in the launch of many cult dance movements including jungle, gabber, and breakcore. ‘A Philosophy of Tracking’ is a dreamy electro voyage that takes some detours along the way through ambient and even some jungle tones.

Standout Track: ‘Waldabstraktion Mverb Flange’

‘Gumdrop’ by Product Toss (Hang Tough)

Newcastle’s Product Toss delivers another stellar release of sub zero bass runs on the Glasgow based Hang Tough. Dubby/ dancehall techno, call it what you will. PT’s tightly-knit grooves and warping bass pallets manufacture a soundsystem friendly atmosphere at all times, and that Wheelman remix ain't no push over either.

Standout Track: ‘No, Please’

‘Minha Vida’ by Martinelli

Full throttle hardware powered electro and techno cuts from Sao Paolo’s Martinelli. The Brazilian finds a new gear in these tracks with intensifying synth progressions and head turning kicks and stabs." standout="‘Minha Vida’


A parting glass between the 2 frequent collaborators, EMBY laces up his typically poignant lyrics on Rory Sweeney’s grime instrumentals and slugged out soul and US hip hop samples as the former starts a new chapter in Manchester. This was all recorded and released within a day in Sweeney’s gaff. Impromptu slappers!

Standout Track: ‘All My Life’

‘Five Hundred/ Hedges’ by LWS (Matrice Recordings)

A name popping up more and more it seems, LWS initializes the next installment of his own Matrice Recordings with the double edged sword of ‘Five Hundred/ Hedges’. As per, the young Scot brings the heat with his ever-dynamic trinkety UK techno sound. Gaining somewhat of a cult following within Bandcamp circles, his releases are continually being thrown into the ‘buy on sight’ category. Try and keep up with this talent if you can!

Standout Track: ‘Hedges’


No one does it quite like YTP these days in the electro sphere. A consistently sharp producer who has perfected that ever so fine balance of keeping the groove within his electro punches. Like a saber toothed hound that just wants to play catch. Fellow Tayporter J Wax joins in on ‘COMPUTER TALK’’ alongside Jensen Interceptor who stands in for a remix feature on ‘FIND THE PATH’.

Standout Track: ‘CONTINUUM’

‘The Big Fat Acid Machine’ by Rickey Mourke

Underground speeder Rickey Mourke transfers their usual bag of tricks through the ‘Big Fat Acid Machine’. Hard groove acidic racers featuring jersey squeaks, sensual vocals and some familiar RnB sampling.

Standout Track: ‘V2’

‘Moonquake EP’ by LUXE & Tom Place (Dansu Discs)

The crafty alliance of LUXE and Tom Place execute the perfect blend of electro, breaks and rave on ‘Moonquake’ featuring a helping dose of jungle from the ever vibrant Angel D’Lite who holds up on remix duties.

Standout Track: ‘Polarities’

‘Molten Drum’ by Lurka

In a new age of translucent Bristolian sound that has been notably championed by Timedance and Livity Sound, Lurka steps up to those heights with a junction of otherworldly half time, hard drum, gqom, and speed bass, amongst many other suitable adjectives. The end result is quite bloody frightening…

Standout Track: The whole thing, trust.

‘Arma Edits: Past Edition 2’ by Arma

Lord of the edit dance, Arma chucks out another re-running of previously time-limited releases on ‘Past Edition 2’. Fun club edits amassing reggaeton, tribal, US club, hard drum, and of course, FUNKY.

Standout Track: ‘Baby Trak’

‘ACIL | Urgent Solidarity Music’ by Radio Chiguiro

Parisian webradio station and label Radio Chiguiro gathers 54 artists from 28 different countries in aid of the emergency appeal for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Brought together in just 4 days, the compilation travels through Latin club sounds from acts based across all continents for a vital cause.

Hiedrah Presents ‘Mantris Nikkita’ (HiedraH Club de Baile) by hiedrah.bandcamp.com/

Hyperpop, reggaeton and baile fusions from Mantris Nikkita’s debut feature on Argentine label HiedraH Club de Baile, backed by productions from JAIJU and Meka. This is quickly becoming one of our favourite labels, exploring the many depths of Latin club.

Standout Track: ‘Las Tiburones’

Out Of My Head EP by New Spectrum (Diynamic Music)

Hamburg label, Diynamic music, release this energetic EP from Irish-born, Berlin-based producer New Spectrum. After retiring the Brame&Hamo project, New Spectrum goes it alone with a powerful club-ready sound that’ll get the dancefloor groovin’.

Standout Track: ‘Out Of My Mind’

‘Funky Zeit’ by WE ROB RAVE (Das Booty)

Typical rioting rave energy from the Das Booty imprint as Polish hardcore duo WE ROB RAVE explore acidic bass pallets through rave and footwork rhythms. We were on board with this for the EP cover alone!

Standout Track: ‘HIYAAH’

‘LI$033 - The Greatest Hits Series 4’’ by low income $quad

Croatian purveyors of electro, ghetto tech and harcore, the low income $quad introduce the fourth edition of their Greatest Hits series with yet another plethora of rave hard chews. 23 tracks from global acts featuring spectrum, INTRUDER.WAV, Nasty King Kurl, & more.

Standout Track: ‘energii’ by 27angels

Wing Theory Part III by Tom Jarmey (Wing Theory)

Spacious, Ethereal, Trippy. Tom Jarmey’s new electronic EP finds a new territory between club electronica and atmospheric sounds. Imagining where we are when we‘re listening to these tracks, ‘Piraka’ is the perfect track to hear played at a festival, while ‘Bad Fruit’ is perfect for dark nightclubs, while ‘meditations’ is perfect for eyes-closed headphone listens.

Standout Track: ‘Meditations’


Exactly as described, this a Detroit-esque pressure cooker from the influential TYGAPAW. A club weapon that intensifies with its whaling sirens and tripped out vocal snippets.


The soundtrack to a year in the life of AKAFAE, ‘SOUL COMPACTOR’ is an endearing trip through emotive club designed through the lens of the artist's self experiences and changes. Labeled as a ‘self portrait’ by AKAFAE themself, the New York based act channels sounds of uplifting eurotrance, tripped out breakbeats, soothing ambient and constructive field recordings.

Standout Track: ‘BANE OF MY EXISTENCE’

‘Continual/ World Problem’ by Foans (audio bambino)

Dreamy sonic scapes coming out of Montreal as Foans voyages through micron bass and splashing acidic electro on the audio bambino label. Running on fun provoking 2 step and break rhythms, there is a real caressing feel within the tracks with bolstering remixes from Sport DJ and 11ai." standout="‘World Problem (Sport DJ Remix)’

‘Sextrance Worldwide Compilation Vol. 2’ by Dismiss Yourself Sextrance Worldwide Compilation Vol. 2 | Various Artists | Dismiss Yourself

One for the hardtrance, breakcore and nightcore contingents, LA based imprint Dismiss Yourself announces the 2nd installment of their Sextrance Worldwide compilation series with an abundance of freaky floorfillers.

Standout Track: ‘20220704 2’ by sienna sleep

‘Gore Tek 2’ by Hyas (Le Ciel Records) Gore Tek 2 | Hyas | Le Ciel Records

Lyon native Hyas brings the bass on ‘Gore Tek 2’ with some heavy weighted 2 steppers, jungle & footwork fusions, and a slight dip into the electro waters.

Standout Track: ‘Spinning Benz’