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Under the Radar - January

The new year has rolled in rapidly and so too has the music. We're here to guide you through some of the standout releases of the month across experimental dance music, alongside some nuggets that you may have missed out on.

'5 Years of Hilltown Disco' by Hilltown Disco

Dundonian electro kingpins Hilltown Disco celebrate 5 years of operation with this 5 tracker of their typical dark electro hitters. Ole Mic Odd and Robyrt Hecht standout on this edition with further splendors from W1b0, Larinov & St. Theodore, and PRZ.

Standout Track: W1b0 - 'HD5YA'

'HEADSET VA01' by Headset

Edinburgh's Headset delivers the first in its VA series with 4 cuts from various Scottish 'new school' producers. LWS, Kamus, Aggregate Culture and Delahunt all step up with a combination of bass ridden numbers running across a range of speeds and textures.

Standout Track: Kamus - 'Bedrock Head Knock'

'Safriska' by Yajaira la Becaya & Genosidra (HiedraH Club de Baile)

Explicit latin club tracks from Yajaira la Becaya & Genosidra that resonate with the typical Caribbean sounds being played out in Colombia & Venezuela, the pair's respective homelands. Incredibly complex and straight up fun club hits.

Standout Track: 'Virgen Mária'

'Winter Breaks EP' by Clever Tribe

Intelligent jungle-footwork hybrids that journey through passages of 90s hip hop. Heavily cemented by layers of sonic rave from Sacramento's Clever Tribe.

Standout Track: 'The Hype'

'Under the Scope' by San (Rua Sound)

Dark jungle off of Galway's Rua Sound imprint from Sans, the mysterious alias of an undisclosed UK techno producer. Sans' insanely sharp breaks and subs craft a sound that finely balances old-schoolism and something incredibly fresh and futuristic. Quite incredible throughout.

Standout Track: 'Under The Scope'

'Shell' by Main Phase (INSTINCT)

Typical deep dench bassline and 2 step cuts from the daring Dane. Exactly what we have come to expect from both the artist and the INSTINCT imprint itself.

Standout Track: '2 Tall'

'Gunge! / Razorbrain' by Carlton Doom

Belfast's Carlton Doom once again coughs up a spellbinding combination of low end bass music ripping through energetic acid lines and revolving break beats. The shimmying acidic bassline on 'Razorbrain' is something to behold.

Standout Track: 'Razorbrain'

'Cloudscape' by Meemo Comma

Tantalizing trance infused breakbeat from the Brighton based Meemo Comma who reveals the first snippet of her forthcoming 'Loverboy' album, further boosted by remixes from Max Tundra and u-Ziq. Something very Orbital-esque about it all.

Standout Track: 'Cloudscape'

'Solo Move' by Dave N.A. (Typeless)

Pulsating bass & savagery breaks from Yerevan (Armenia) based act Dave N.A. landing on Welsh imprint Typeless. Incredibly complex in their production, these tracks test the limits of electronic boundaries with their an armoury of clubby trinkets and robust acid & bass stabs.

Standout Track: 'Planet Eli'

'Must Finish / Perc Track' by Tsepo (Intercept)

Deftly touched electro and bass beats from Dutch producer Tsepo who maintains a double edged sword of comforting ambience and club ready kicks within each track.

Standout Track: 'Perc Track'

'The Brislanta EP' by Sam Binga & Nikki Nair (Pineapple Records)

Bristol meets Atlanta on this funk-fuelled crossover between Sam Binga and Nikki Nair. Channeling a consortium of juke, ghetto tech, electro and bass, its a meeting between UK and US that highlights the growing influence the two are having on each other from two of the most exciting acts around both codes.

Standout Track: 'Wall Panda'

'1312 Remixed' by jpeg.love & DJ Fucks Himself (Tooflez Muzik)

jpeg.love and DJ Fucks Himself's infamous anti-cop rave anthem '1312' is given further remix work with chop ups from AK Sports, ELLLL, Terrorrythmus, & more amassing a thrilling selection of hard dance slammers!

Standout Track: Nah these all slap!

'Фr​е​е Аn​ē​st​е​tiks' by DJ Bazootka

Fast, furious, and free from North Macedonian producer DJ Bazootka. This name-your-price 2 tracker is one for the speedsters with its all-out hard dance and gabberesque energy.

Standout Track: 'Каршикара'

'Mwaka Moon (Nora Zion Edit)' by Kalash (Third Degree)

Nora Zion works up Kalash's 'Mwaka Moon' in a funky style, forging it into a club pumping banger. Another name-your-price gem from the Australian producer.

'BOOTYLEG02' by Martyn Bootyspoon

More fun stitched up reworkings from Canadian club favourite Martyn Bootyspoon. Club friendly and not too serious, the Montreal native brings a twist to the likes of Rosalia, Far East Movement, and even a certain White Lotus re jigging.

Standout Track: 'Chrome Spice'

'Death Rider$' by DJ $mick X MC Tosa (Il Padrino Records)

Tales from Belfast with DJ $mick and MC Tosa influenced by Northern Irish car culture, the disgruntled political landscape and the area's glorious dialect all inna happy hardcore style! Fun and tongue in cheek from the ever-intriguing Il Padrino gang.

Standout Track: 'Blacked Out Honda Civic'

'Fxck EP' by Luciid (Suara Recs)

Going from strength to strength, Luciid releases 2 thunderous tracks on well-polished Suara Records. Quality techno with no let up, we see this being supported globally in 2023.

Standout Track: 'Vault

'HYRIADANCE II' by Hiroki Yamamura (Moveltraxx)

The Japanese juke master returns to Moveltraxx with his second installment of HYRIADANCE. It's a choppy racer of an EP that meanders through speed wobbling footwork rhythms alongside some glorious jazz & funk instrumentals.

Standout Track: 'Hold a Dance'

'Vitamine XXL' by Dr Dr4kken (Safe Cloud Recs)

Peak time gabber from Dr Dr4kken on cyber clubbing imprint Safe Cloud Records. Elegant is not the automatic word to associate with such sounds, but lead single 'Vitamine' and its following remixes have been produced delicately and pack a very clear & audible hardcore punch!

Standout Track: 'Future Is Offline Remix'

'Creeper (Casemix)' by Casement

Glaswegian club warrior Casement takes on Danny Weed's legendary 'Creeper' and flips it up the only way he knows how! A concoction of global club sounds blending through jersey & latin rhythms amidst some big bass. It's certified to go off, trust us.

'3213123' by Bored Lord

The Oakland ravestar slipped in with this one right before the deadline. Typically undercover in her movements, Bored Lord drops yet another cracker with 3213123 hitting all the usual right notes. Grab this one while you can, it might not be there for long!

Standout Track: 'check it out'

'Looseys V9' by Escaflowne

Brooklyn's Escaflowne drops his first material of the year with yet another installment of Looseys. This time the focus turns to jungle, breakbeat, and bass heavy edits of some of beloved tracks from his youth. Angelic yet hard club hits as per usual from this guy.

Standout Track: 'Imma b your Ride'

'Paris Bouillon Club' by Lazy Flow

Parisian producer Lazy Flow brings all the right ingredients together on Paris Bouillon Club and its a recipe made to party! With helping hands from the likes of Arma and the Harajukunt, the EP manifests into a broth of global club music, and boy is it tasty!

Standout Track: 'Automato Bacardio Logobito Runwayo'

'Circus' by Infiltrator

Pacing hard groove from the now Barcelona residing Infiltrator. The Irishman (fka Adamant) has maintained a ruckus of sound over the last few years with a steady stream of jungle, industrial techno hits, and now further locked in hard stuff.

'Shawty 3​.​0' EP by GoodMostlyBad (Scuffed Recs)

The Scuffed Recordings leftfield bandstand is occupied by GoodMostlyBad with dizzying percussions. The Indian-born, Qatar-based artist excites with intense grooves through a range of energy and emotions. 'Deepthroat music' as she describes her creations.

Standout Track: 'Shawty 3.0'