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Under the Radar - July

Wet & Windy July meant lots of new music to listen to indoors in Ireland & The UK. Listen to high octane releases from Doss, Jun Kamoda, and Jersey and pick up some free downloads as well as some Bandcamp Friday recommends from yours truly

Tomorrow Never Comes by Jersey (TH3RD BRAIN)

Stream Tomorrow Never Comes by Jersey on our SoundCloud

As Spotify increases its prices, it becomes more apparent that the Music Service is on a decline. The streaming giant cannot find a way to make good profits and they have started to cast as large a net as possible with different functionalities in the app. It’s the inevitable ‘enshittification’ that happens to companies after they hit their peak. I digress here but I think it’s relevant to a point that this track has seen some amazing feedback on TikTok but the reception and amount of plays on Spotify have been pretty terrible. Jersey went viral in July with ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ as it features a delicious hook along with high energy button mashing like Fred Again’s signature move. Its popularity is being replicated by big names like Disclosure too but this track is flying right under the radar on music services. TikTok, which is soon looking to release their own music streaming platform, will be another disruptor to Spotify and iTunes. That’s a whole other article to get into.

Oh Yeah/ Right There by Darius Syrossian (Moxy Muzik)

Look, I’m sorry but my guilty pleasure is a good Jackin House/ Tech House banger. Apologies especially to the anti tech-house crew but these no-frills bangers with classic House vocals are FUN. Simple but effective use of the grooviest of basslines with an old-school kick and snare pattern is all that's needed here to get any dancefloor going.

Dry Chat, Wet Rag by Low End Activist (Sneaker Social Club)

“Three varied, mutant workouts for soundsystem immersion.” Sneaker Social Club have done a pretty good job of summing up this EP from Low End Activist. We’ve got a twitchy array of sounds here, the sort that invokes that face scrunching-up feeling. There’s a menace to this production with preference gone to harsh, clanging noises and slow dub basses.

Standout Track: Dry Chat, Wet Rag

Don't let me/ air by Long Island Sound

The most genuine guys and hardest workers in the Irish electronic scene have been releasing tracks for a decade now and they add two new atmospheric rave offerings to their stacked trophy cabinet. The duo are playing at All Together Now Festival this weekend and we are absolutely craving to hear their melodic rich set.

Arcadia ‘Bug’ stage at 9pm on Sunday. Be there for a great time.

Who Still Dance 2 (JUN21) by Jun Kamoda (JUN RECORDS)

Chicago 🤝 Kyoto Insane levels of energy from Jun Kamoda’s new release will leave you excited and wanting more. It’s a very special ensemble of crashing drums, warm synth pads and pounding kick drums being pushed to the limit with class FX. ‘Last Tune From The Rocks’ is mesmerizing stuff.

Standout Track: A DJ In The Full House

IAMN01 by An Avrin

An Avrin’s release makes it to our under the radar once again with some Leftfield bass gone freaky. IAMN01 is no stranger to sampling quirky and is in serious form at the moment. Catch him this Sunday at Sneaky Pete’s for a monstrous set with Smiff and Lara Sinclair.

Standout Track: Lymph Kode

Dream River 2000 by VA (Henry Earnest

14 talented artists come together to raise funds for https://smalltranslibrary.org/, a mutual aid fund for trans people who are out of work or struggling curated by Henry Earnest. The expansive range of sounds are gelled together with the cutesy pop sounds that come from Earnest’s original album in 2022. Some remixes from Sloucho, Julia Louise Knifefist, and Farwarmth.

Standout Track: Julia Louise Knifefist - Stand

Easy Easy (Star Slinger Euphoremix) by Star Slinger

F**K! The original brings me a brilliant joy and this welcoming facelift from Star Slinger is so playful and compelling. I (Michael) will have this on repeat for a long time.

Mondo Tempo by Freak Heat Waves

Laid back welcoming hues of colour in this Freak Heat Waves album. ‘In a Moment Divine’ caught our attention first with its familiar jagged synth sounds akin to Bicep and Ross From Friends. ‘Endless’ rides along on a breakbeat and shimmering chords, while ‘How Do We Come Alive’, ‘Off My Mind’, ‘Altered States’, and ‘Mondo Tempo’ chill out with slower psychedelic jams.

Standout Track: In a Moment Divine


A joyous collection of world cup hype tracks celebrating the Girls in Green’s first appearance at the Women’s World Cup from Dublin Digital Radio and the 1815 FC family. Big up McCabe’s army for their battles down under and to the crew behind these YUP GIRLS ANTHEMS! Featuring E THE ARTIST, Rory Sweeney, Roo Honeychild & more!

Flee by Hngwy (Hang Tough)

Glasgow’s Hang Tough label landed with their second release of the year from fellow citizen Hngwy. ‘Flee’ travels through the darker dimensions of electro, techno and bass with 4 tracks of low end pummels travelling within the 100-160bpm region. For those intense, dark and dubby club situations.

Popcorn by Physical Therapy & Complete Walkthru (Allergy Season)

Deep and weighted house from two Allergy Season mainstays in Physical Therapy & Complete Walkthrough, ‘Popcorn’ is a sensually hypnotic 3 tracker of timely bass lines and 808 configurations. Simplistic in its design but deadly in its nature, these are crucial early hours numbers.

Dusk EP by Pusher

Dublin’s Pusher has cracked the knack of producing anthemic house tools in recent years, with the piano led Dusk EP operating no differently. Combining finely tuned percussion layers with uplifting chords and bass lines, this is yet another self-released slasher made for sun-tinged evenings at festivals and clubs alike. Proper outdoorsy House this!

ALONE by Paul Rayner

A speedy g OG! Paul Rayner continues to pull the strings behind modern day organ house, niche, bassline and speed garage. ‘ALONE’ samples the heavenly lyrics of SWV’s ‘Weak’ on this hi-hat fuelled garage kicker and it’s a bit of a bloody lively one. A step back in time once again from Rayner.


New York footwork & jersey club expert Ted Kamal lets loose on that Ice Spice joint. Fun and unpretentious club heat!

Drugs by Doss

Hyperpop to catwalk ready bass house with a sprinkling of ballroom. It's all packed into this latest dosage of Doss and it's kind of perfect.


Carnival crazy from Mexico’s 10010. ‘DISCOLATINO’ ramps up an electrifying potion of salsa, merengue and mambo with hard house and techno intermissions. Pure club rocket fuel across 6 tub thumpers.

Free Downloads

Barbie Dub by Cotto

It’s a free download, it's all about Barbie right now, and UKG is hot as ever! The small things done right.

Stream Barbie Dub by Cotto on our SoundCloud

Milkshake by Floppy Disk (Profound Sound)

Profound Sound have shared this bouncy garage spin with vocals from Kelis that always go down well.

Stream Milkshake by Floppy Disk (Profound Sound) on our SoundCloud

Shaggy - Ready Fi Di Ride Edit by KE-YEN (Wang Records)

Our 3rd free download is another UKG track hailing from Perth with fun vocals from Shaggy and a simple ping-pong bassline.

Stream Shaggy - Ready Fi Di Ride Edit by KE-YEN(Wang Records) on our SoundCloud