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Under the Radar - March

Spring has just about sprung. Along with the stretch in the evenings has come a heavy flow of club releases from around the globe this past March. We’ve tried our best to narrow down our favourites alongside some gems that you may have missed out on.

‘Chasing Planes’ by Ten Years Lost (Infinite Wisdom)

A Glasgow producer that we’ve been excited about for some time now, Ten Years Lost pulls it out of the bag once again with 2 deep marauding house tracks. Both efforts are swarmed with chugging bass runs and ethereal melodies, with ‘Kendall’s S.O.S.’ pushing even deeper in energy with angelic vocals from London based singer Kendall Ramsey.

Standout Track: ‘Kendall’s S.O.S.’


Straight from the mind of Karizma, the KNEVERM!ND alias shakes up hip hop royalty Big Daddy Kane in a Baltimore style. Shuffling breaks scatter over a hotly fused kick pattern and inducing basslines all to the beat of the Smooth Operator’s classic ‘Raw’. This is some hot, hot club music people.

‘Slop, Drop & Roll’ by Coen (Maloca)

Full scale animalistic energy, Coen creates a series of rough cut club templates on this mini album guiding through hard drum, 160 4X4, miami bass & more. A DJ’s gift box coming out on the Belgian based Maloca Records, it's quite riveting stuff throughout.

Standout Track: 'Tama'

‘LI$034’ by low income $quad

The Croatian speedsters follow up February’s ghetto tech frenzy on LI$033 | low income $quad with another compilation, this time focusing on more raw hard pumped techno and hard trance cuts from the likes of Vergil, DV60 and UVCORE.

Standout Track: ‘Overkissed’ by X

‘Second Skin (ft. Rory Sweeney)’ by XXXX In Stereo (HRLA)

Angelic yet thundering jungle breaks from one rising Dublin star alongside another, XXXX In Stereo and Rory Sweeney combine elegantly on this crunching voyage through dense sub bass and Tim Reaper-esque break arrangements. A standout single, we’d love to hear this combo together again.

‘Adrastea’ by Noroi (SPHERES / Rua Sound)

New Rua Sound sub label SPHERES debuts with a blissful breakbeat and jungle instalment from Rome’s Noroi. Deeper in nature than the more soundsystem testing releases of Rua Sound, SPHERES aims to house similarly deep club tracks with more of a celestial coating. This is a really gorgeous EP all in all coming out of the Galway based imprint.

Standout Track: ‘Untitled Jungle (feat.VSC)’

‘Tir Na’ by Aeron XTC (Reboot Records IRE)

Dublin scene stalwart Aeron XTC packs a real livewire on the festival ready pump of ‘Tir Na’. A major player behind the scenes of Research Label as well as Fuinneamh Festival, he proves to have a similar nous in the field of production too.

‘enter the void’ by xk21 x HAZY BLADES (childsplay)

Typically outlandish and bad-mouthed from the childsplay imprint as they welcome back xk21 and HAZY WAVES after their 2022 。.☆ $µþå$†år ☆.。entry. ‘enter the void’ carries more of a 4x4 hedonistic energy initially alongside a closing 2 step ghetto whack on ‘kaos theory’.

Standout Track: ‘kaos theory’

‘SSBBB005’ by S.Murk

This is Blitzkrieg Bristol. S.Murk delivers a turbo flurry of drum n bass, jungle, & breakcore hybrids that carry a delectable level of funk throughout with forwarding hip-hop samples from the likes of Q-tip.

Standout Track: 'Thin King'

‘GHETTO VOIC3’ by SHUMIL (Wachita China)

After pumping out a total of 5 releases in March, it was SHUMIL’s ‘GHETTO VOIC3’ that stood out with the most premise in what was a stacked month from Argentinian, Wachita China’s imprint. These are tight all over ghetto tech and hard electro kickers from SHUMIL who delivers a well crafted combination of 808 stabs and revolting vocal samples. Bad attitude throughout!" standout="We suggest taking all of these home…

‘Robotic Sales’ by Ben Pest (Orson Records)

Bristolian electro-ite Ben Pest has become an instant buy type of figure over the last number of years, and his latest entry on Orson boasts no differently. His typical boundary testing style returns with a wave of off-kilter bass and acid lines over a range of triumphant drum placements." standout="‘Charizard Dreams’

‘The Taste Of Life’ by Ase Manual (Self-released)

One of the most interesting dance acts around right now, Ase Manual showcases further his ability to jump into different codes with this single (one of 4 releases in March) bending through a choppy break system alongside panicked vocals and a soft guitar riff in what is a heart stopping, action-packed 3 minute journey of club.

‘Cry Cry Cry’ by KUČKA (LUCKYME)

Blissful dance-pop from Australian act KUČKA on the imperative LUCKY ME. The EP glides through hyper dimensions with endearing vocals and futuristic 2 step patterns that become more engrossing with each listen.

Standout Track: ‘Cry Cry Cry’

‘Valentina’ by SVG (VALOR)

Hamburg’s SVG twists an acidic trance riff along with dark room focused 4x4 rhythms in this alluring single on Hanover label ‘Valor’. The intrigue of the melody is cemented further by intermittent hats and hand drum runs, leaving you locked in to find out where the track will go.

‘Tripalium Fucked-Up Squad vol. 1’ by Various Artists (Tripalium Corp)

Multi-dimensional French imprint Tripalium Corp take us on a not so serious journey of literally fcking everything! There’s breakcore, hard trance, beefed up jersey, Grits - ‘My Life Be Like’ jungle edits…the lot. It’s all a little…FCKED UP! Featuring DJ Pacifier, zpectrum, Yung Acid & muchas more. One for all the goofy spinsters out there!

Standout Track: ‘Human Error Processor’ by Indian Junglist

‘By Hook or By Crook’ by Various Artists (N-Face)

Dublin bass prodigy Sputnik One gathers together a collection of emerging low end producers on the sophomore release of his own N-Face imprint. 10 tracks of bass glory from acts based across three continents, N-Face continues its rapid start to life with another triumphant selection of enigmatic half-time, funky, dancehall and break numbers.

Standout Track: ‘Disappointing’ by DJ Gerard

‘Kill The Body and The Head Will Die’ by Dansa (Palidrone)

Another fascinating take on club from the Edinburgh based Palidrone imprint. This release sees co-founder Dansa venture solo with his debut EP amassing destructive drum runs and alarming, glitched out surfaces. Heady, heady bass on this mammoth 3 tracker.

Standout Track: ‘Forceps’


Budding euro talent Viikatory enters DJ MELL G’s JUICY GANG with a hypnotic hybrid of electro and breakbeat rave cuts. The end result produces a fitting combination of her growingly renowned deep drum patterns, be it in an 808 style or with more organic breakbeats, laced over spacey acidic outer layers and sensual vocal snippets. Jpeg.love joyfully joins in on the booty fun on the EP’s closing track.

Standout Track: 'Changes'

‘BUNNY’ by Cassius Select

Berliner Cassius Select serves up a sub zero, hip-shaking drum runner. Sensually elegant percussion and domineering vocals combine on this sex club bomb.

‘Egony’ by Neana (Self-released)

Few have been able to match the energy cultivated by Neana in the UK funky/ drum realm over the last few years. The Londoner releases their ‘Egony’ single as a name-your-price gift for all avid fans and welcome newcomers.

‘Thermal’ by Fearz & Ovid (Street Dreamz)

Fearz and Ovid bring the hard drum heat on the tribalistic ‘Thermal’. A funk fuelled single ready for club cooking, you can feel the percussion gain gradual weight in this one with wailing sirens only adding to the sound’s tension. Banger!

‘Kairos’ by HhÉiR (Self-released)

We covered this 4-track tripped out percussive release in our fresh juice series here. An impressive production showcasing HhÉiR’s multi-genre finesse.

‘Scoundrel’ by Reeko & Surgeon (Mental Disorder Records)

Refreshing hard grooves from Reeko & Surgeon. The collaboration has created three immense rough, hypnotising efforts.

Standout Track: ‘Scoundrel’

‘ISS009’ by Skee Mask (Ilian Tape)

Opening with emotional airiness, ISS009 evolves into more dark self-reflective moods keeping those iconic drum rhythms present throughout. Skee Mask is incapable of releasing subpar music and this is no exception.

Standout Track: ‘UWLSD’

‘Social Life’ by SPF 50 (Bliss Point)

Stephan Kimbel Olson expresses his creativity through his numerous roles - DJ, engineer, party promoter, label head, producer, dancer, audio mixer and film composer. Stephan himself describes his music as Fuzzy textures and lush pads and this is fully on display on ‘Social Life’.

Standout Track: ‘Body Concept’

‘Crash Recoil’ by Surgeon (Tresor Records)

Surgeon’s first new album in five years is tumultuous in size. The basic hardness and precise sounds are an amalgamation of 30 years experience in which Anthony Child has learned to wrap brutality and space into ambient minimal techno.

Standout Track: ‘Metal Pig’

‘Stop Snitching’ by DJ Swisha (self-release)

This Jersey club 3 track EP was released in early April but has since been removed. You can still listen on Soundcloud to the seriously fun & groovy Aquarius Swing edit here: https://soundcloud.com/dj-swisha/aquarius-swing-dj-swishas-libra-bootleg

‘Go Flight! EP’ by Monoak (Tape Hiss)

Energetic breaks, electro, and techno from Irish producer Monoak. An alias for J.Oakley who is ⅓ of L-R.

Standout Track: ‘Go Flight!'

'Totes (Bath Mix) by Ryan James Ford (Tresor Records)

The perfect recipe of Major chords, thumping kicks and light breaks equals happy vibes! The hypnotic synths are never drown out by the rugged drums in this big release.