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Under the Radar - May

Hear the creative directions being influenced by Summer weather in this May Under The Radar with new fun & bouncy releases from the likes of Gemi, Selky, & more

‘KV8 - Cut The Music’ by DJ Delish

The final installment in Philadelphian DJ Delish’s Khadijah series paying homage to all things ballroom and vogue. Inspired by the perceived ‘gentrification’ of the genre & culture, Delish shares 6 tracks that capture the true essence of ballroom; the energy, the passion, the competition, the community and the coolness.


‘Double Tap’ by LSDXOXO (Because Music)

A hot and fiery electro chaser from the undisputed LSDXOXO who once again brings his sensually charged lyrics to the fore on this essential club track.

‘Ice Plates / Wurk’ by DJ Motu (RKS)

Densely packed wub fuelled funky cuts from London’s DJ Motu as he returns to Roska Kicks & Snares once again after last month’s ‘Charge’ single. A double header of no nonsense UK bass.

Standout Track: ‘Ice Plates’

‘City Planning Remixes’ by Kai Campos (Warp)

Mount Kimbie’s Kai Campos receives the remix treatment on last year’s City Planning tracks that featured on the group's definitive ‘MK 3.5’ album. Reimaginings come from Beatrice Dillon, Forest Drive West, Robert Hood & DJ Stingray, with all 4 efforts adding further intrigue to the original mind bending electro productions.

Standout Track: ‘Quartz (Forest Drive West Remix)

‘Forsythia.glb / Bitmapping (KnightTheProducer Remixes) by KnightTheProducer (Audio Bambino)

Jersey boy KnightTheProducer takes his hometown sound to a new dimension interlocking trance, jungle, and hyperpop stimulants with the classic New Jersey shuffle on Montreal imprint Audio Bambino.

Standout Track: ‘Forsythia.glb’

‘Nuked Out Dance Party’ by DJ Smokey

DJ Smokey returns in true nuked out fashion with the blockbuster Dance Party mixtape. A typically not so serious approach from the Canadian who once again delivers murky yet danceable Memphis rap cuts with sides of drill, grime and bass. It’s NUKE RADIO!

Standout Track: ‘i just shoved a nuke up my pussy’

‘TM’D my DM’S’ by Sloucho

Sloucho continues to go from strength after last month’s ‘MEMORY WALK’ single with another bomb track in ‘TM’D my DM’S’. With a razor sharp bass foundation hummerring below, the Irish act finds the right fizz with clinking drums and pitched vocals with a ferocious energy.

‘The Comps Vol.1’ by Selky

Club Comfort’s Selky gives four prime club jams a reissue having previously played a key part in sets as well as featuring on compilations with City Imp and Gash Trax over the years. As always the Dublin native packs a fun lovin’ punch with a party focused mix of Baltimore, Jersey, and sensual house.

Standout Track: ‘Fhad’


Deadly dance weapons from Brooklyn’s PHANTAZN who combines deep 4x4 kicks with rave ready hard groove & carnival like house foundations. This is some hard shit!

Standout Track: ‘GET IN THIS MF CAR RN’

Ripping EP by Ryan James Ford (PLUR)

PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) is an ethos that many ravers try to follow and it is now Canadian-born producer Ryan James Ford's new label. He tries to embody the code behind PLUR with his Ripping EP with some immense kicks paired with cute and sparkly synths. The movement started in the US and shows a more colourful rave scene than to what is experienced in Berlin, where Ford currently resides but it is picking up steam.

Standout Track: Ripping Greg (Mike Mix)

So Tru​/​In Luv by Gemi

UK Garage hotshot Gemi is back with more Summa’ tunes with ‘So Tru’ and ‘In Luv’. Carefree bouncy vibes with fun chopped vocals for beach parties and hanging with friends.

Standout Track: ‘So Tru’

For Spirits by Batu (A Long Strange Dream)

Batu commands your attention with this yo-yo of ambient tranquil sounds and heavy dancefloor igniters on his new label. For Spirits start off dreamy and introspective with ‘Traverse’, lifts the energy high with ‘In Tongues’, falls right back down to serene levels with ‘Foraged In The Margins’, then bursts with a glitchy intensity in ‘For Spirits’ before concluding with a state of calm in ‘Through The Glass’. The alternating high-and-low energy will absolutely leave you craving for more.

Standout Track: ‘In Tongues’

Set The Roof by Hudson Mohawke & Nikki Nair

Huge link-up between two artists on top right now, Mohawke & Nair come together to create three bangers. Two feel-good rave tunes ‘Set The Roof’ and ‘Demurro’, and a tune that shouldn’t work, ‘More Recently’, when it’s deconstructed. With its Alvin & The Chipmunks sounds and out of the norm samples, it's quite the stomper.

Standout Track: ‘More Recently’

Dream Machine by Pressa X Drumskull

‘Dream Machine’ has got groovy basslines, cowbells, an inviting chorus melody, and three remixes from Settle Down, Borai, and Drumskull himself. Each interpretation has irresistible breaks and high-octane energy but the original’s luscious pads are hard to skip.

Standout Track: ‘Dream Machine (Original Mix)’

Bad Timin' Vol. 4 by Jex Opolis (Bad Timin')

Jex Opolis comes through once again with vigorous upbeat tunes. Nostalgic for the 90’s House dancers, this release gels together different bits of acid, progressive house, Moog basslines.

Standout Track: ‘Pneumatic’

Never Going Home by CFCF

Fantastical shimmering sounds from CFCF remixers. ‘Ciel's Homesick Bounce’ is a euphoria-dumping ride from start to finish. Each remix is given dutiful attention and care to give that retrospective feeling that the original had when it was first recorded 2018.

Standout Track: Never Going Home (Ciel's Homesick Bounce)

Hot European Summer by DBBD & Miss Bashful

Audacious lyrics from Miss Bashful in this hot & sweaty five-track release with DBBD. With saucy NSFW Summer evenings inbound, these Trance and Techno numbers will raise the energy.

Standout Track: ‘Confused Bitch’

Planet J II by Jossy Mitsu (Astral Black)

Alien planet rhythms from Jossy Mitsu as sounds reflect and bounce around this six track EP. Mitsu has created an illusion of distance and space using reverbs and delay FX. A deep, dark dive into the underbelly of subby electronic music!

Standout Track: ‘World’s End’

Installation by Pangaea

We’re always on alert to any new release from the Hessle Audio crew, and Pangaea’s latest summer drop is a real treat. Fuzzy basses and catchy vocals in this tech-housey pop delight.

Tell Me What You're Wanting by Tom Everett

Another easy breezy effort from Tom Everett. In August 2020, he released his standout track ‘Patti’ that amassed over 1.3 million plays on Spotify. ‘Tell Me What You're Wanting’ is a more emotion-driven effort that is just as dancey as ever.

Worthy Mentions

BastienGOAT - https://bastiengoat.bandcamp.com/album/harmony
Kink - https://hypercolour-records.bandcamp.com/album/for-the-people
Prozak - https://prozak.bandcamp.com/album/like-this
Disco Reworks Vol. 14 by Never Dull - https://neverdull.bandcamp.com/album/disco-reworks-vol-14
Pollen. Pt. III by Metrist - https://metristlsae.bandcamp.com/album/pollen-pt-iii