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Under the Radar - October

Overlooked October gems that didn't get the full attention they deserved with releases from Diessa, Toby Ross, and more.

Can't Stop by Jonathan Kaspar (Maeve Records)

Immerse yourself in this hypnotic journey from Jonathan Kasper as he expertly weaves and winds through a half hour of deep techno. A Mano Le Tough remix of 'Can't stop' is the cherry on top of an already sublime production. Check out the release on the excellent Berlin label Maeve who've also premiered New Jackson, The Drifter, and Kev Sheridan in the past.

From the River to the Sea - Various Artists Compilation by Faoi Thalamh Records

Faoi Thalamh Records' compilation highlights an important cause by gathering together outrageous talent that expands into the realms of experimental, electro, techno, and ambience. The first two tracks set the tone. A harsh and unforgiving existence. From there we are met with a wall of disturbing sounds and impressions that will challenge you. The compilation ends in an electro-techno post-apocalyptic wasteland with MEJMI and Ádhamh setting the scene. From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free. Essential listening.

Standout Track: Ádhamh - COMM£RCIAL R€ADINE$$

From the River to the Sea VA by Outsider

Reflective sonic transmissions with an eye on Palestine from a host of global hitters. 20 tracks in acid, jungle, weightless ambient & more, with all proceeds going to both Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

OUT THA POND 001 by Cheek Records

Supergross curates a fresh compilation of rave-ready tunes via Cheek Records with Volume 1 seeing contributions from the west of Ireland and beyond. The name of the label delivers on its promise with a selection of playful and fun selections. Tunes like 'Optimus Crime 2' by Dj HÖRDE ft. Dj Mischkonsum and 'At Last' by Kolly Borda portray the label's energetic personality while tracks like 'Axis' by Obelus and '4pints' by INLNDR show off the solid Techno prowess. One not to miss is 'Essa' by matchu, a finger-guns ablaze wobbler with infectious energy to spare. Supergross's own '444' is a 150bpm effervescent charmer that reflects the way they DJ with big, bold drums and uplifting synths. It's all a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Up And At Them! by aya and BFTT (YCO Life)

‘Up And At Them!’ is a powerful opening to a three part EP release. Aya and BFTT kick off with spritely floating synths, constantly hinting at a low-end release to come. That release does appear with the next tune, ‘Planet of the Vapes’, which has a dizzying flurry of basses and saw waves. Great sound design with all elements hitting you at once and that solid selection of sounds continues with the final trudgy ‘Beam Me Up Stotty’.

Standout Track: Planet of the Vapes

Club Critters *Red Version* VA by Action Replay Codes

Hamburg's Action Replay Codes release a electrofying VA (Various Action) Compilation. Ghetto styles from 'hit the flow' by Salush, Bongo movements in 'Adrenaline Apocalypse' by Sveric, and a pumping send-off from 'Missingno' by Action Replay Codes & Turk Turkelton.

Mutationist EP by Destrata (Scuffed Recordings)

Dark dance rhythms from Destrata with the slap of approval (Released on Scuffed Recordings) ! 'Desire Signal' is a percussive beast that you need to check out.

The Calling by Sempra

The Calling is a delicious mix of energy in the form of drum & bass and Jungle. Time and time again Bristolians are impressing the world with their outputs, and Sempra adds their new release to the dark, rumbling space they inhabit.

Foundation EP by Toby Ross (Shall Not Fade)

Heavy hitting productions from yet another Bristol resident. Toby Ross uses his influences in Jungle, Reggae, and Dub to bring together four outstanding club songs. This project on the highly esteemed Shall Not Fade label sees a more rolling 140 sound compared to his previous releases on Dnb Allstars, Liondub International, Jungle Cakes, and Deep In The Jungle Records. The youngster is flying high and is absolutely one to keep an eye on.

Standout Track: Foundation

move ya body gurl by Overkissed

A 'Name Your Price' edit of 'Move Ya Body' by Nina Sky. The nearly 20 year old single is given new life with punchier drums pushing the iconic melody to new heights.

Best wishes by Petfood

Colombia-mania with productions from previous Plant Bass'd guest Petfood and mastering from CRRDR. Petfood presents two awe-some tracks that ride high on mystical and magical harmonies with booming drums underneath. The tracks aims to ‘interpret the rhythms and musical themes of reggaeton’.

Oop / Routine Supreme by LWS (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

Edinburgh’s LWS returns to Peder Mannerfelt Produktion with another stellar double-edged EP. Mining zorbing hard house and wonky basslines on ‘Oop’ with the squelching drum running on ‘Routine Supreme’, the young Scot continues to find new ways to blow us away with every release.

SP33D-S5 by CLUB SP33D (zpectrum)

Peru’s CLUB SP33D invites casual_memory, Wemory & Partizan into their zone. Two booty-fuelled club hitters with casual_memory bringing the bootleg to saweetie’s ‘My Type’, and Wemory x Partizan bringing their fast-pace funk to electro on ‘Bitte Pelle’.

Rough On It by Diessa (Early Reflex)

Diessa lands on Turin-based imprint early reflex with an overdue EP travelling through hard drum, glitch techno throbs, and leftfield cuts across three sharp club stabs. A first original EP from the SZNS7N alumni since 2021 and it's been well worth the wait from our view.

WZY3.5 by Woozy (Woozy Dublin)

EMA’s Woozy imprint is back for entry 3.5, standing as the label’s second V/A release in as many years. For this edition the Dublin bass champion has invited Henzo, Viian, Baitface & more, with all the artists providing their original spins on half-time, bass and dubstep.

Archetypal by Thugwidow (Of Paradise)

UK jungle tycoon Thugwidow doesn’t go any way other than full pelt. The ‘Archetypal’ EP on London’s ‘Of Paradise’ may be one of his most impressive efforts to date though. Emotive and unreserved, Thugwidow crafts blitzing jungle patterns with downtempo backgrounds, using distorted song and effects to break down barriers in sound connectivity. It’s quite masterful really.

FOREVER 21 (VOL. 1) by Chico Blanco (MAREO)

Granada’s hot club aficionada Chico Blanco drops part one of his current FOREVER 21 project. Riding high on sensual house grooving alongside inviting pop tones, the Spaniard reflects on youth culture, Granada’s night scene, curious boys & more with heavy-hitting remixing from raptor house don DJ Babatr, Posture and Alex Wilcox.


MM brings the soundclash of NIN and Placebo into effect. Big room sounds for small room parties, the Glasgow based act gives a fresh club lick to Placebo’s ‘Taste In Men’, with added Nails’ elements to boot.

Ice (Nikki Nair Remix) by Hassan Abou Alam (Nehza Records)

Hassan Abou Alam’s 2022 release ‘Ice’ gets the Nikki Nair treatment and as always, it's a bit mental and a bit magic. A ping-ponging hybrid of footwork and future garage, the Atlanta producer flips up what was already a killer track giving it a whole new face with glass punched percussion and falling chords en masse.

Liminal EP by No Human Sound

Valencian duo No Human Sound push the throttle on their dual EP, ‘Liminal’. Probing into deep dubstep and bass territories, the pair thrive in glitch situations almost in act to mask how thick their sound could go. Extremely well crafted tracks that are sure to raise some eyebrows in the club.