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Michael Savage - Top 10 Picks Of The Year

Plant Bass'd co-founder, Michael, shares his 2022 roundup of leftfield bass, percussion, and more

Michael Savage
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1. LWS - Corrupt/ Brewing

LWS - Corrupt/ Brewing

Plant Bass'd covered this 2 track release from LWS at the start of the year in our Fresh Juice series - www.plantbassd.com/fresh-juice/lws-1-3-22. I love the trudging along sound that Lewis is able to conjure with the percussion and stuttering basslines. I'm certain 'Corrupt' is capable of taming snakes, for that it's my stand out of the two.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

2. Fabric presents Leon Vynehall: Exclusives

Fabric presents Leon Vynehall: Exclusives cover art

A compilation of six electronic tracks ranging from bass, breaks, and electronica. As well as Leon Vynehall's own contribution, there are five amazing artists to discover here, especially Derry native OR:LA and Femme Culture's Ehua. Top pick is 'Raw Cartoon.'

Listen to the full mix here: YouTube

3. Protect Ryan - Party Tracks For Horse Girls

Protect Ryan - Party Tracks For Horse Girls

We don't know much about Protect Ryan other than they're composed of three veteran producers that “came together through their shared love of '90s rave culture” that don't really take themselves too seriously. The whole EP is primed for dark sweaty parties, but 'DJ Weddings and Receptions' stands out as the club-ready banger I need. The sample used adds to the goofyness (www.instagram.com/p/CbhpZdsgntg/).

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

4. Nikki Nair, DJ ADHD - Golden Monkey EP

Nikki Nair, DJ ADHD - Golden Monkey EP

This has been Nikki Nair's year with solid release after solid release without any let up! The Atlanta rep has been molding his bass-heavy sound, taking inspiration from grime, footwork, jungle, and much more. 'Whaa' brings the energy with extra oomph from MC Logan vocals.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

5. Locked Club - It's My Rave

Locked Club - It's My Rave

Balls-to-the-wall post-soviet electro and acid. Damn! Locked Club are doing big things. 'Dubai Girlfriend' is a terrifying bombardment of punk noise, it's my top pick.

Listen here: YouTube

6. Schacke - Apocalyptic Decadence

Schacke - Apocalyptic Decadence

This album “is essentially about the desire for hedonism and excess being amplified when faced with apocalyptic omens and the annihilation of the familiar.” Sex heavy themes portrayed by the sounds and artwork but I think it works perfectly as the soundtrack for first-person shooters like DOOM. An intoxicating dark techno ride (ha), 'Miasma Of Filth' is my no.1.

Listen here: Spotify

7. Kornél Kovács - Hotel Koko

Kornél Kovács - Hotel Koko

Light and easy on the ears, Hotel Koko is a fun mix of floating house music. Big fan of 'Usch', a dreamy tune with luscious bells, delays, and flangers, and 'Get Goofy' which is a breakbeat remake of the pop track by MishCatt. My favourite listen on the album is 'Follow You' featuring Aluna with her comfy vocals and the rich Rhodes Keys.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

8. An Avrin - In the key of 'P'

An Avrin - In the key of 'P'

DJ/producer An Avrin appears often on Scuffed Records (Love this label!) with his leftfield bass sound. 'Parroted' is snare heavy and my top pick. What's An Avrin spell backwards?

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

9. Moveltraxx - MOVELT HOUSE PARTY 2


This compilation is a juke/ ghetto house / disco house release from October. The first and last tracks are some seriously groovy stuff that I've had on repeat since it came out. Can't get enough of the distorted, thumping kick and fun use of samples in Mainline 2022 and feel-good disco vibes in 'Fast Line'.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp

10. Metrist - Forova

Metrist - Forova

This goes FAST. Grab a pair of cans and hear Metrist pushing sounds around your headspace, panning left to right and front to back. While 'GMFGR' has me saying “How the F*** did he make that”, the sound designer and label owner's best track for me is 'Nathanielismo' with a ravey stabby synth that oddly reminded me of 'La Roux'.

Buy & Listen here: BandCamp